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ISTE Workshops for Training 1000 teachers at a time

The "Teach 1000 Teachers” programme was initiated by IIT Bombay in 2009 under the project, “Empowerment of Students/Teachers,” sponsored by National Mission on Education Through ICT (NMEICT), funded by MHRD. The main aim of this programme is to work with Engineering Colleges in the country to enhance the teaching skills of faculty colleagues in core Engineering and Science subjects. Our approach uses an ICT enabled process, involving both synchronous and asynchronous mode, to reach out and engage a large number of teachers, and through them, a much larger number of students.

Under the programme, IIT Bombay conducts ISTE workshops during the vacation period in summer and winter. teachers attend at a designated Remote Center (RC), close to their own college. Lectures are delivered by faculty from IIT Bombay, while tutorials and lab sessions are conducted in the same RC. The lecture transmission and live interaction takes place through distance mode using the AVIEW technology on the internet.

Faculty Centre Coordinators are appointed at each RC, to handle the technology infrastructure and other operational logistics. Additionally, for each workshop, there is a workshop faculty coordinator at each RC, who is an expert for that subject. He/She supervises the conduct of tutorials and lab sessions and at that center. We first invite these experts from various RCs to a five-day Coordinators training workshop, about two months before the main workshop.

All the lectures and tutorial sessions are recorded. The final edited audio-visual contents, along with other course material are then released under Open Source. These contents can be freely accessed and used later by all teachers and students. Since December 2009, 9 workshops have been conducted under this programme on various subjects which include, " Computer Programming," "Database Management Systems," "Basic Electronics," "Thermodynamics," "Software Development Techniques" "Heat Transfer," "Solar Photovoltaics" and “Writing Effective Conference Papers.” The 10th workshop on “Computational Fluid Dynamics”, is scheduled from 12th June to 22nd June 2012. (For Registration, click here)

IIT Bombay is pleased to announce another workshop, in our series of ISTE-IITB workshops for teachers, sponsored by MHRD, under the National Mission on Education through ICT.

“Research Methodologies” is being recommended by AICTE to be a compulsory core subject for all ME/M.Tech programs in the country. The syllabus is currently being drafted by a committee at AICTE. It is therefore important, that a large number of teachers should be able to teach this subject, or at least be fully conversant with the basic concepts. This subject is important to teachers from Science stream as well. Further, the existing research scholars and PG students will also find it useful. We have therefore decided to conduct this workshop on a mega-scale. We will attempt to engage about 15000 participants, at nearly 300 remote centers (RCs). At this stage, we solicit expression of interest from individual teachers and eligible PG students. The link for early enrollment is:

The formal registration process is likely to begin immediately after identification of all RCs.

We also solicit proposals from reputed Institutes across the country, to participate in this project as RCs. (RCs are fully funded by the project). Complete details of the requirement of infrastructure and expertise at a Remote Centre (RC) are given at:

At this stage we are collecting preliminary expression of interest. We will immediately get in touch with these Institutes and take a decision by 25th May. In case an Institution is interested in becoming a Remote Centre, the Director/Principal of the Institute, or a faculty member designated to work as Centre Coordinator, should request us for becoming an RC. The link for sending an early request for an Institution wishing to become a Remote Centre is at:

For the list of Existing Remote Center, click on the link below

For the list of participants who early enrolled for the Research Methodology Workshop, click on the link below

For the list of participants who registered for becoming a Remote Center, click on the link below

Prof Deepak B Phatak
Chair Professor, IIT Bombay,
And PI, NMEICT project on empowerment of teachers

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