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Industry Interaction

Industry Interaction

The School focuses on technology, applications, and development processes. This focus makes it mandatory for the School to form a very close relationship with IT companies and the IT user community. This enables the School to constantly keep itself abreast with developments and changing industry needs. The relationship also helps it to understand and adopt new tools, emerging hardware and software platforms, and new areas of applications. The School can evolve several different strategies for creating and sustaining the relationships. Some of these are already proven through the existing relationships between IIT and the Industry. We enumerate below some of the possible mechanisms:

  • Undertake long-term (3 -4 year duration) R&D projects either as sponsored or consultancy projects,
  • Build relationship in specific technology areas (such as embedded systems, database tools) where focus is on the area rather than on specific projects; this will need close interaction in formulating specialized courses, student projects, etc.,
  • Apply for joint funding from Government & International funding agencies,
  • Develop proof-of-concept projects for attracting participation and funding from IT or the user industries,
  • Enable technology (methodology, standards) transfer,
  • Formulate student projects for technology absorption/adaptation,
  • Undertake tool development projects for achieving better application devel- opment which will directly help the industry in achieving better quality and productivity; these may be undertaken jointly,
  • Prepare regular technology reports (`white papers') and make them available to the industry.

The School derives significant advantages by these relationships and will play a very crucial role in meeting the demands of the industry.

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