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Explanation of the KReSIT logo:

  1. Knowledge - Represented as Lotus as Spreading out
  2. Universe - Represented as Globe
  3. Information - Represented as bits repeated
  4. Type - KReSIT typeface integrated into symbol

Concept and Significance

Mrs. C. Vijaya Lakshmi's interpretation of KReSIT for the logo has been:
  • SIT - Seminal information Technology
  • KRe - exploring the Realms of Knowledge beyond the universe.
One part of Vijaya's design also represented - Spread of engulfing, encircling information.


  • Basic concept for the logo was submitted by Mrs. C. Vijaya Lakshmi (Vijaya is not a designer of logos nor an artist hence in her own way she represented her concept)
  • This concept was approved and Vijaya was asked to work with IDC, IIT Bombay for the logo design with her concept.
  • Ravi Povaiah (Prof in IDC) with inputs from Geeta Joshi and Jagdish Chandorkar came up with a few designs based on Vijaya's concept (given at the end) and the designs were presented to KReSIT.
  • Current logo was selected after the presentation.
  • Sudarshan Dheer came up with colour suggestions. Ravi pitched in again and spent a few hours to come up with the final implementation of all suggestion.
  • Sameer Sahasrabuddhe (studio manager) has been involved in various stages of the implementation to shape the logo to the final version.

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