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News: April2001

Spring Sem Ends

30 April, 2001
The week that ended was the last of the spring semester. Examination pressures have abated and there is relief. The populace looks forward to the two week vacation. Calm, peaceful waters ahead.

Have you heard of the two treks in the past ten days? abhi and raghu went to mahuli two days ago. Earlier these two along with srinath and rahul had been to naneghat. The point to note is that these outing were without janaki and were just after the new moon night. Catch these people for an exciting account of their adventures. Abhi has made this page with a good map of mahuli.

It has been a great experience writing about all the tangled-webs-we-weave and get-caught-in. It was never very difficult really. For instance take this month's page. Prizes, accolades, paper acceptances, treks. There has been a steady stream of these and this has always driven the news page. This has kept it lively. So as i sign out i really do not worry. The news page shall always be the bearer of excitement from the KReSIT corridoors.


there's news

23 April, 2001
Pizza party following the marathon evaluation of the it-402 papers yesterday evening was termed by dbp as his send off to the first ten nilekani fellows of the school. The old reliable '99 batch had to slog it out as the TA's of the it-402 course have their end semseter examinations begining from monday.

Random Interactions - The Talk on 11th April

  • Title: Calculi for Computation
  • Speaker: Dr. N. Raja
  • Time : Wednesday, 11th April, 11:00am
  • Venue: KReSIT Classroom

Abstract: Calculi for Computation are, informally, a syntax for terms and a set of rewrite rules for transforming terms. They are meant to capture the essential features of the computational behaviour of any system of interest. A number of calculi for computation have been proposed and developed by many researchers. Such calculi may be broadly classified as belonging to various classes such as functional, concurrent, distributed, mobile, and incomprehensible. In this talk, we shall sketch some of the basic properties of representative calculi from some of these varieties.

Speaker: Dr. N. Raja is with School of Technology and Computer Science, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)

Shantanu's poster accepted for ICML

10 April, 2001
Shantanu's poster paper "Document classification as an Internet Service" has been selected for exibition/presentation at the Eighteenth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML-2001) which will be held at Williams College, in the scenic Berkshires of western Massachusetts, from June 28 to July 1, 2001.

His tour to the conference has also been funded! The schol is the "ICML 2001 Student Scholarship Program" sponsored by US National Science Foundation for student participants at ICML. The poster session is a student session enabling Ph.D. students to attend the conference and get to meet the research community as early as possible in the duration of their Ph.D. It will also enable the scholarhsip recipients to interact with other fellow students and talk about their research with leading researchers in the field.

more poster sessions for shantanu

This reporter forgot to add to the earlier eureka news item the breakthrough the other KReSIT teams had in the event. amit and shish too made it to the last 12 out of the 500 odd entries recieved for the business plan competition. Great effort that which is what really matters. Jolly good show.

"Agents based system for distance education", Autonomous Agents 2001 workshop on Agents for Internet Learning, Montreal, Canada. This is another enrty in the list of vikram's publications or should we say another feather in his cap. This paper acceptance was recieved on the same day as the ICSE paper but it makes it to the news page today ;-)

New web cam can now a days be found in the '99 lab. (ah...the '99 lab entering the last fortnight of its existence?) It is kept along the game machine, which itself is an exciting new member of the surroundings here. The matrox card in this new machine was reason enough for a multitide of games installed here. A veritable gamers paradise.

rahul and the game machine, pix credit: the new webcam!

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Jaju & co. bags 3rd prize in eureka

7 April, 2001
Jaju and his team cracked third place in the biggest business plan competition in asia, eureka. The Rs 100K prize would be shared by the team of four who call themselves En-Tell. The other team mates are all from hostel 8. No doubt the business plan emerged from the many cack sessions in the hostel wings.

Today was the last day for the C course. Having conducted this course with such professionalism this team of has won a lot of praise. The PhD students of the course gifted them with pen sets and flowers. It feels great to report such an outcome of the first activity of the ITA. The C-course Team is AmitP, Anuradha, Pranav, Paddy, Janaki, Abhilash, Manoj and Sachin.

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Random Interactions kicks off

4 April, 2001
Random Interactions series kicked off today. The speaker today was Parijat Dube from INRIA, France. The topic of the discourse was "Source shaping in Integrated Services Packet Networks."

Institute Colors for Vikram and Srinath

3 April, 2001

Vikram and Srinath were awarded the institute cultural colors yesterday night at the OAT. These talented itpreneurs have won the hearts of one and all with their skilled and dedicated performances at various cultural events in and around the institute.

While Vikram has been instrumental in directing sterling PAF performances of H8, contributing to scripts, choreography, acting, voice overs and even composing lyrics for songs, Srinath has enthralled audiences with his tunes on the guitar and contributed to directing the music for PAF. Yesterday was a red letter day for the school of IT!

What is now required is a grand bash and lots of celebration. But wait...there's more!

During the PAF preparations Vikram was also grappling with a paper deadline. The good news is that the paper titled "Mobile Agents for effective structuring of large-scale distributed applications" has been accepted for the Workshop on Software Engineering and Mobility at the 23rd International Conference On Software Engg. (ICSE 2001) to be held at Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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School Site Hacked

1 April, 2001
The school site has been hacked by some individual or organization called PhaZe!!! The school's page has been completely replaced by a blank page with the message "This website hacked." This is a serious breach of the security and the administration has a lot to answer. There was no report of tampering of any data. The hacked page redirected to the original school page in 3 seconds. Otherwise the original school site is functional as ever.

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