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News: April2004

Yahoo search finds VG!

16th April, 2004.

The placement page has something new to report. It says that Yahoo! India(located at Bangalore) has managed to procure a new feather for its cap! And this feather, christened VG, is no less excited.

Vinod, who had already got himself an offer from Veritas during the placement season, ventured out to seek Yahoo! to work in the field of his interest, Data Mining.

After a six and a half hour interview on 14th April in Banglore, VG was not quite unsure of the result - nevertheless, fingers had to be crossed, and a two day wait for the result, borne. Finally, all the answers on Datamining, algorithms and puzzles did show their efficacy. We also have it from the horse's mouth that he was not evaluated on his proficiency to throw his hands up and vociferate "Yahoooooo!" - well, did he spend time practising that one :-?

In three and a half months from now, MTech'02 will be clustered up into:

  • Trivandrum(1)
  • Mumbai(1 + 3RA)
  • Hyderabad(2)
  • Delhi(4)
  • Pune(7)
  • Bangalore(8)

Bangalore is where the force is now stronger! Yahooooo! ;-)

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Eight Oh Two point What ?!!

13th April, 2004.

The ether is buzzing with something new. Every nook and corner in KReSIT is now adorned with a 6x8x2 cubic inch box(whoever told you to measure it?) that noses the air around it for any meaningful signal.

Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause to welcome 802.11b. Yes! that's right. KReSIT goes wireless (no.. no.. we've not run out of wires!). The entire KReSIT building is now covered with an array of access points. So, wireless capable devices can be online and connected absolutely anywhere. (Well, the signal may be a bit weak inside the toilets...)

Prof. Krishna Paul and Hemangi and Varun from MLA along with many other people including Mr. Arvind Patil and Mr. Dinesh were involved in the installation of the WiFi network.

Kudos to the team!

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Converging after Convergence

7th April, 2004.

The Circular hall (that also doubles up as the Graduate Student Lounge) saw quite a few students arranging samosas, chips and sweets on paper plates at about 4:55pm. 5 minutes is all they had to thus adorn about 80 plates. Some even managed to sneak a chips or two into their mouth. But, before the clocks could hasten to 5pm, the tables were set and the doors open to let.

It was the post-convergence get-together at 5pm on 7th April, 2004.

It started off with ITA G-Sec., Sudhir Reddy extending a warm welcome to everyone and our HOD, Prof. Krithi, appreciating students, faculty, DEP staff, office staff, and all others whose participation made certain the success of this event. A heartening applause given to one and all, for, every single person was an important thread that resulted in this well knitted Convergence'04.

It was now time to attack the well loaded tables - and so it happened! And after the plates on the tables had thus been owned, and the table more neater for observation, it was perceptible that the bowl containing sweet chutney for the samosas was conspicuously untouched. The reason was soon apparent - there was no spoon kept in the bowl. And, after a spoon was procured, all slow eaters were rewarded. All in a day's work. :-)

All in all, it was a well-deserved and enjoyable get-together!

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Fluent Fascinates Friends

6th April, 2004.

Naah... not a piece on the Friends serial. This one is more closer home - infact, right here in KReSIT. Check out the placements page. Praful and Kapil have got themselves an offer from Fluent India Pvt. Ltd. at Pune. Earlier, during the placement season, Praful had got placed in PSPL and Kapil in ST Microelectronics India. Both of them ventured for Fluent because the job in Fluent was much more closer to their heart and to ensure that KReSIT will not be their final days of playing TT together;-). Talk to them for details on this.

For now, it is Party time!

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The last of PAF - And a holiday!

5th April, 2004.

The PAFs(Performing Arts Festival) were really good this time. Yesterday night was the last PAF for this year; Last PAF implies PAF result announcement; And, result announcement implies a long dawdling period which has the effect of dormancy on some people and for the others, it means being a part of the vexatious human-train that travels all around OAT (where PAF is held) and grows in human-bogies till derailment occurs or till results are announced - whichever precedes chronologically. Well, the former won and it also saw the group from KReSIT returning back to the department in the hope that the newsgroups would inform us as soon as the PAF results are announced. So, an hour or two past midnight, (weren't we glad that we didn't get the brainwave to wait that long!), newsgroups were ablaze with the results (read iitb.general for more ;-) ) and an announcement by the director - 5th April 2004, Monday is declared a holiday for IITB since most of the campus is officially awake this late!!

So, MTech'03 was busy rescheduling the time to do their assignments as most of them now had 2-3 more cancelled_lecture hours in hand - some decided to distill this time for playing a game or two, some for those 40 winks, others for a movie and yet others to improvise on an already perfect assigment submission (not naming whoz who ;-) ).

Monday turned out to be a hot hot day. But, Shakespeare's,
Fear no more the heat o' the sun,
Nor the furious winter's rages

certainly seemed to be remembered. In the blisfully refrigerated labs as we set out on our MTPs, assignments, and other tasks we could feel the rhythm in the pulse of KReSIT.

Well, tommorow is another day!

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Article on Convergence 2004 in Times of India - Mulund Times

3rd April, 2004.

"Convergence 2004 is biggest event held in the recent times in the city" says the article in Times of India - Mulund Times dated 3rd April, 2004 (Page 3). Convergence 2004 - Wireless Workshop was a grand success with 650+ participants from acdemia and industry. The article refreshes the memory by reporting the success story of the Convergence 2004.

Click here for the article.

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Trick or Treat?

2 April 2004

Sayyapparaju Sunil(MTech02) and Dr.D.B.Phatak's paper on XML Agents on Smartcards got selected in CARDIS . CARDIS is a biennial (occurring every second year) conference to be held this year in Toulouse, France, on August 22-27, 2004.

It was an e-mail on 31st March early (real early) morning, 2:39am to be precise, that apprised him of this news. The 15-20 lucky students who happened to be haunting the labs in those wee hours gave sunil a choice of "trick(bumps) or treat" - and wasn't sunil glad that he was actually being given a choice! ;-) So, after an hour spent in the student gathering phase, we all set out on our cycles to hound the H12 night canteen at Sunil's cost. Any passer-by who had seen us racing along wildly across towards H12 cannot be blamed if he had incorrectly concluded that H12 night canteen served only the first three to arrive there. At H12, a sumptuous treat of dosas, patties, uttappam, and juice waited for us.

So, what are others waiting for? - Sunil, "Trick or Treat?" ;-)

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