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News: August2000

PhD scholars' galore

Thursday, 31 August, 2000
The KReSIT lab today had an unprecedented scholarly look to it in an overly research promoting atmosphere. It was for the first time that all the Ph.D. students of the School were present in the lab at the same time. These being Satish, Shrinath, Raghu and Leena . Shrinath had recently returned from an International conference in Germany and Satish was taking a break from his College activities. Leena and Raghu were present in their usual splendour. The others fortunate enough to have witnessed this feat were truly blessed to be part of this momentous day in the School's history. contributed by shantanu

Power failure!

Wednesday, 30 August, 2000
A major voltage surge yesterday, in the early morning saw to it that the KReSIT servers akash, cygnus, quark and sitNT along with the student and faculty machines were shut for a major part of the day. Things went normal in the afternoon! The junta had a strange experience of 'no computers all day'! Many decided to catch on with their sleep. Quite a few learnt of this from others having woken up late coz of a night-out. Such people were not affected by this 7 hr power cut! Only goes to show that night outs pay in more ways than what meets the eye!
Casulaties include sitNT (still down at the time of writing) jaju's Tachyon and thank fully thats all :-) these two machines too have not lost any data, just their SMPS's having gone poof! The cause of the sudden voltage surge is unknown. It should be investigated, coz the lives of all our SIT servers (expensive beasts + data stores for all) are endangered by such disturbances.

another paper publication!

Monday, 28 August, 2000
Mild agression - A new approach for improving TCP performace in Asymetric Networks, this paper has been accepted at AMOC, Peneng Malasia. Pats, Vijay and Prof Sridhar have written it up. Hope they enjoy the trip to the south east!
Tech Talks today featured rahul talking about his work on mobile agents. Specifically he talked about mobile agents in the context of e-commerce. He explained all the benchmarking he has done for various agent toolkits. A very refreshing tea at staff-C then followed.
And yes! we are going for a treak again :-) There has been unprecedented enthu from the most unexpected quarters! keep it up junta. (special mention gayatri)

a walk in the clouds

Saturday, 19 August, 2000
It was 3:40 AM when 15 Matheran aspirants started from the baddy court. The group was led by janaki, the old campaigner, who apparently has a spiderman-ish magnetism towards matter and a complete knowledge of every stone on the way!
Taking the 4:30 local to karjat the junta alighted at bhivpuri road staion. The time now was aprx 6:30 AM. The day was perfect! Cloud cover, light drizzle now and then and fresh country air. The green fields all around and the inviting matheran peaks in a distance veiled by murky clouds! Everybody was thrilled at the prospect climb and the enthu was very high. "JOSH HAI" suresh would shout and a thundering response would follow!
After a light snack (tea and vada paav for the curious) janaki pointed to a trail through the fields and the treck had begun! Criss-crossing lush green fields, wading through streams and walking around boulders and hillocks the party started a gradual ascent. The scenes were extremely breathtaking once we had made some ground (or sky?). Slowly the easy country path gave way to a more difficult trail. As we gained height we had to negotiate slippery rocks and steep climbs. The first goal was the garbat platue! On our way we encountered many foutains and waterfalls! Junta with all the enthu made full use of 'em and no one regretted having missed a bath in the morning!
Garbat plateau (11:00 AM) is a lush green table of sorts on top of the Mountain. The view of the sahyadris is simply fantastic. There was a climb from the garbat plateau to the top most point. This was a real terror. But then it always helps to get the shit scared out you once in a while coz
  • your whole life flashes through your mind
  • the blood supply of your body get better as all nerves in the body get excited
At the Garbat Plateau an ad-hod grub comitte was formed of janaki, suresh and abhi! Three of them prepared jam-butter sandwhiches and a famished junta squared their elbows and had theirs! This last climbing part had lot of steep (and slippery) rocks overlooking the abysmal depths!! whew made it!
From here onwards there was a gravel path all way to the matheran town. After another round of chai's and vada pavs the second part of the treck began. Along the railway line (a narrow gauge, you can catch it from nerul and it will save you all the fuss of this climbing business) we started the descent. Nature here is abandunt with beauty! more breath taking scenes, including of the clouds which were all around us and more fountains for more impromptu showers! After a relatively uneventful hours walk along the track...we decided to climb down the sides of the mountain. After a descent of about an hour and half we reached the town of nerul! A fast local to VT got us to the hostels at 8:30!

The enthu punters who were part of the trip:
  • janaki, the leader (spiderman)
  • raghu, the only PhD trekker
  • abhijit, the guy at the back
  • suresh, of the shout "KOI HAI"
  • pats, whose clothes were as good as new at the end
  • srinath, he eluded a falling cow
  • shantanu, braved a paining toe
  • gayatri, she did it!!
  • sailaja, and she did it too..great job!!
  • vrigo, yours sincerely loved the mortal scares
  • abhilash, another enthu punter
  • nabar, and another
  • pradip, did you get ur cap?
  • yogi, and another
  • chitti, yet another
Abhi and Gayatri were trigger happy all through out...check this place for their photo's of the treck! Abhi's page for the trip! An interesting anecdote from srinath. Gayatri snapped these pics  

MTP stage 2: A Hi-Fandu Poster Session

Wednesday, INDEPENDENCE DAY+1, 2000
Posters adorn the walls of the SIT computer lab, the place seeing unprecedented activity this afternoon! It was a session where faculty members gave feedback to the students on their MTP's. The idea of posters made an instant hit with the junta. People in all their enthu really did a great job after another of those 8PM-8AM type night outs. The night also saw suresh giving a treat at chinks. (it was 2AM then!)
The students who were lost in Techie jungles were shown new ways out, those absolutely in the dark were shown light and almost all got new insight into their area of research. Thanks to the topping idea of sunita ma'm! Good chance that the posters are still on the walls and a great intellectual discussion is going take a dekko!

FLASH: Here are the photographs of the day! 


Sun Microsystems has shortlisted suresh, sailaja and pats. So there are now 4 people who have 2 jobs! The complete list to date goes as follows...
  • rvijay: TIL
  • gayatri: INFY, PSPL
  • rahul: INFY, PSPL
  • pats: INFY, SUN
  • sailaja: COSL, SUN
  • abhi: VRTS
  • amit: VRTS
  • vrigo: VRTS
  • suresh: SUN
Reminds me of the song... sun always shines on the three..., or was it TV? anyway! Hey sailaja I got your name correct this time!


Friday, Aug 11, 2000
Following is a list of publications involving the students of mtech99.
Sunita Sarawagi, Gayatri Sathe I3 Intelligent, Interactive, Investigation of OLAP data cubes. SIGMOD, 2000 (Demo paper).
Sridhar Iyer, Rahul Jha, Srinath Perur, Vikram Jamwal Mobile Agents in E-Commerce: A quantitative evaluation, ADCOM 2000 (to appear)
Bernard Menezes, Vijay Raisinghani, Amitabh Mehta Cryptographic Classes in Support of all-Java E-Commerce Payment Systems. IETE, Delhi, Sep 1999. (to appear)
and many more to follow... And while on the topic of publications, it must be mentioned that aru's paper on query optimisation has been selected for publication for COMAD 2000! Attendee's of Tech-Talks on Aug 11 were fortunate to have the man himself talking about this research. Vikram duly pointed out that this might as well be a turing point in aru's life :-)

about haircuts and unstructured data!

Monday, Aug 8, 2000
Seminars in the Tech Talks series continue. Today it was Sailaja to talk about XML and semistructured data. Prasan, Aru and Raghu were present and their participation is an encouragemnt for this activity. Dr Phatak took a fleeting peep-through-the-door and was content to observe that his students do utilize the class room for more fruitful activities than dozing in the class ;-)
You could have been knocked down by a falling leaf had you crossed Vikram's path this evening. The new haircut has done wonders to to his eminence's appearance who otherwise was (as he put it) in a competiton with Gayatri. We can safely state that he came at a hair's breadth in beating her to it.

more placements...

Thursday, Aug 3, 2000
Two jobs now for rahul and gayatri. Both have cracked PSPL! The complete list would now look like this:
  • rvijay: TIL
  • gayatri: INFY, PSPL
  • rahul: INFY, PSPL
  • pats: INFY
  • saileja: COSL
  • abhi: VRTS
  • amit: VRTS
  • vrigo: VRTS

Tech Talks

Tuesday, Aug 1, 2000
Its a pleasure to report that  Tech Talks  has finished its second lecture. This was an introduction to the immensly deep research that Gayatri is looking at as a part of her MTP. This research  iCube  is headed by Sunita ma'm.
This initialtive is meant to increase the synergy of people within the school and it is a platform for discussing ideas (dreams?), projects, seminars and other research work. Added attaraction is the tea at staffC, which is on the tab of the speaker! (actually this is enough motivation for the likes of me :-) The turnout so far is really splendid! And here is some good news! It was great to see sunita ma'm back at base after convalescing after an arm dislocation injury. And she appears to be bursting with even more energy!

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