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News: August2001

Anu's Job Treat

11:38pm, 29 August 2001
C hivalry is not dead. Ladies first, seems to be the order of the day at least as far as KReSIT placements are concerned :-) Though this news page missed out on this important news piece, it's not too late for the fallout of that news.

Well, well, for the uninitiated, Anu has cracked a job with Sapient Corp. The whole of mtech2k batch is just back from a sumptuous treat by Anu. The find of the treat was praveen, who is the latest addition to SIG-FOOD. Vijil-the-chief-guest presented Anu with a cycle to commute between home and office. (Pics on their way... Chitti: Hurry up with pics or get ready for bumps). His presentaton speech in his typical hindi was something like this:
Hamari varishtha mahodaya Anu ko rozgaar milne par bahut bahut badhaai

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Our team cracks 3rd place in KDD-Cup

August, 2001
Y et another smashing piece of news. The team of Anuradha, Janaki, and Sunita Ma'am cracked 3rd place in the KDDCup 2001. They were 97% in percentile and missed the winners' accuracy figures by a very narrow 4%.
For the uninitiated, KDD is an annual worldwide challenge competition organised by ACM SIGKDD in conjunction with the KDD conference. It involves using mining techniques to solve a very large scale real world problem every year. The problem this year was in the hot domain of bio-informatics. Anu and Janaki gave a very interesting tech-talk on their experience during the two months they were fighting for the cup, the approach they took, and their results. Details of the talk.
A great effort in terms of global competition. This year there were 200 entries from organizations everywhere. Next time, we must win!
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2nd stage MTP poster presentation of MTech2k batch

20 August, 2001
C ontinuing on it's own different course, the MTech2k batch had its 2nd stage MTP evaluation in the form of the poster session. (The first batch had a similar poster session whose snaps are available)
The poster session was well received by one and all. All the faculty, adjunct faculty and project guides visited the poster session during the day. The visitors included a short visit by Mr. Kanwal Rekhi.
The posters were put up in all sorts of interesting places including the ceiling. The MTech2k batch liked the idea a lot and got a lot of feedback from visitors. Great enthusiasm was showed by the MTech01 batch as they were firing questions left, right and centre. Maybe they could see their future all too clearly. ;-) Snaps of the occasion are eagerly awaited.
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Convocation of first passing-out batch

10 August, 2001
T he first M.Tech. batch of KReSIT was conferred it's degrees today in the 39th Annual Convocation of IIT Bombay. Surely a red-letter day for KReSIT when years of hard-work (1.5 to be sure ;-) ) finally paid off for the first batch of 15. Snaps of the occasion are on the way.
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14 August, 2001
On 7th Aug, at around 1:35 am, Vikram spotted the well-known IIT-leopard at Hostel-8. Here's an excerpt of his mail:

Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 15:11:52 +0530 (IST)
From: vikram[at]
Subject: mil gaya....

Finally I too had a rendezvous with the spotted creature.
Yes, the leapord visited the bylanes of H-8.
I was amused to find him (or her who knows???) but he/she wasn't.

After staring at me for few seconds, and upon hearing Shantanu's
name ( I was calling aloud "shantanu..., come... come leapord 
leapord...) it decided to backtrack and then ...

What followed was exchange of poems between vrigo and vikram. Each of these (in sequence) are reproduced (unedited) below:

Vrigo started with (part 1):
tiger tiger burning bright....
was roaming around H8 in vikram's sight....

and having just exchanged a glance
the panther suddenly changed its stance...

not make friends, instead
into the darkness the tiger fled...
Vikram shot back with (part 2):
leopord leapord to get the species right
glowing gloriously under the sodium light

the length of it that surprised me most
i had no prior experience to act as host

all i could think of was if someone could share
so i shouted 'shant',  for the sight so rare

though yesternight the leapord leaped into the forest side
i'm now skeptic of every bush, lest it has someone to hide 
Vrigo ended the episode with (part 3):
leapord leapord, we'll get the specie right
found itself in a spot so tight

roaming it the hostel 8
when it was tricked by fate

looking around for some sumptous prey
it met vikram, the "sabse bada aadmi" some say

while the leopard is now in a perpetual fear
its the bushes that vikram does not venture near :-)
Nice lines :-). Any one out there for part 4? (mail it to mtech99[at]it)

Contributed by Abhijit
Thanks to Ramashish too.

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20 Qs and another Java Cuppa

1:45pm, 4 August, 2001
To every newspage reader's delight, this page is now almost as dynamic as the KReSIT corridors themselves. Keep up the enthu guys.
Yesterday evening 18 ITpreneurs in 6 teams had a whale of a time racing against the clock in rounds of 20 Questions. Though originally conceived as the game of 20 Questions, in which you try to guess a personality, place or an event just by asking a maximum of 20 questions that can be answered in yes or no. It was later changed to a time limited game of unlimited yes/no questions and a 3 minute deadline.
After four uproarious rounds, the team comprising of Pranav, Paddy and Sameer won the event and they now get a chance to organise the next event. Kudos to Janaki, Shantanu and Raghu for organising this one.
Today is the second day of Java Workshop and I see all the speakers busy preparing their material. The attendees today get a whole lot of goodies in the form of lots of software and e-books on Java alongwith workshop slides on a CD. And not to forget that speaker for today's final session is one of our distinguished alumni, Vijay Raisinghani.

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