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News: August2002

The Dumb and Dumber charades

8.00pm, 24th August 2002

The informals for this season started on friday eve with a Dumb Charades competition. The turnup for the event was huge going by the attendances of the previous years (one of the advantages of having a large batch :-) ). The competition turned out to be quite a hit with everyone enjoying themselves (and others ;-)) to the hilt. The clues were movie names both hindi and english. The competition went to the wire with four teams out of five finishing equal on the points after 6 rounds. Though the hosts were not ready for such an event (alas, the dumb had proven them dumber ;-) ), a rare flash of quick thinking pulled them through. They decided to put their own dumb skills to good use. The next elimination round saw two teams crash out. Finally, after two more rounds of death, Maymon's team (abhishek, kalyan, Imran) emerged victorious with Alok's team placed second.

The event has proved to be a great start for the informal season. Hoping for lot's of more fun in the coming days..

Catching up a bit, the convocation ceremony was held on 9th of this month. More than half of the mtech2k guys turned up for the event. It was great to have them back here in the department for all the while they stayed. Its a pity that the M tech program used to be too short (now it is a full two year course) and the senior batch had to leave when the new batch just got to know them well enough. The union of mtech2k and mtech01 brought up all those memories (the cricket match, remember :-)..yeah! yeah! volleyball match too :-( ) back to all present. Wishing them a great future !!

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Ajay and Aditya crack Veritas

8.00pm, 12 August 2002

The placement season started with a bang for the department with Ajay and Aditya cracking Veritas. After two days of uncertainity and grind of a written test and then a technical interview with a small HR interview thrown in, the results were finally out this evening with the two guys coming out with flying colors.

Veritas took 14 people in all of which two were our guys and the rest from mtech CS.

Big Congratulations to the guys!!

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