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News: August2003

Rajasthani folk music

11:00 PM, 25th August,2003.

Music lovers in IIT,Bombay were once again enchanted by a splendid performance by the Rajasthani folk artists. The artists gave a mind blowing performance for almost three hours in which they showcased the folk music of the colourful state. The troupe included a ten year old boy whose performance held the audience spell bound. This event has boosted the effort of making life in IIT,Bombay, and KReSIT in particular, more exciting. The colourful programme was one more feather in the already colourful crown of IITB music lovers community.

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KDD Cup 2003 success

10:00 PM, 20th August,2003.

KReSIT once again emerged as a winner when a team from KReSIT won the second prize at the KDD Cup Competition 2003. The team consisted of Prof.Sunita Sarawagi, Mrs.Sumana Srinivasan,Kapil Bhudhia, and V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran.

KDD Cup is an international datamining competition held in conjuction with the KDD (Knowledge Discovery and Data mining) conference held annually. The team participated in the Data Cleaning task, whose primary goal was to re-create the citation graph from the dataset of about 35,000 latex files of publications in Physics literature. The contest started on April 6th, 2003 and the deadline was July 21st. The results were announced on 18th August. The complex problem was solved using ingenious methods developed by the KReSIT team.

Prof.Sunita Sarawagi will represent the team at the Ninth Annual ACM SIGKDD conference being held in Washington D.C. from August 24th to 27th, 2003.

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"Prabhat" workshop concludes

10:00 PM, 20th August,2003.

Continuing its tradition of spreading computer awareness and knowledge, ITA in conjunction with IIT-Bombay conducted "Prabhat", a workshop on computer fundamentals. The workshop targeted the freshers in the institute and was a part of the institute orientation program. It commenced on 9th August,2003 and continued for two weekends. About 200 fresh graduate, post-graduate and doctoral students had attended the event. The workshop covered a wide spectrum of topics; ranging from different operating systems to networking.

The workshop geared up with a sessions on MS Windows by Prashant. The users were taken through various aspects of windows which could help them in becoming "power users." Then came the Linux gurus, Prasanna and Shweta, who enlightened the users about the "free" monster which was considered as a OS of an elite few ! This session smashed the myth that Linux is an obscure OS with no user friendliness. The users were enlightened about the various commands in Linux which could help them in using Linux in day-to-day life in a more productive manner. Shourya gave a demonstration of a typical Linux installation.

Dr.Jyoti Maharana explained the organization of the computing infrastructure in IIT-Bombay. He threw light on the available softwares in IIT-Bombay. Kapil and Ashish gave an introduction to computer networks and network application fundamentals.

As computing is not just software, the users must know about certain crucial hardware fundamentals. This need was taken care of by a session by Nirav, Nandini and Shourya. Their session gave users an insight into hardware troubleshooting for common problems. The whole IBM PC architecture was explained in simple words.

Accoutered with the hardware knowledge, the users were now ready to delve into the deep seas of Linux power usage. Roger took over the audience for a roller-coaster ride through the advanced Linux utilities and applications. Finally, Dr. G.Sivakumar concluded the workshop with a power(joke)-packed talk.

Besides normal sessions on computer fundamentals, light was also thrown on certain off topic but important topics like various software licenses like the GPL, LGPL and MIT. The students also got an opportunity to interact with people like Dr.D.B. Phatak, Dr. G. Sivakumar and Dr. Jyoti Maharana. The whole workshop was videotaped and the recordings will be handed over to the Computer Center so that the knowledge captured in this digital media could be used by every coming generation in IITB. Thus concluded the successful workshop which brought a new dawn in the life of many IITians, the dawn of power usage of computers in day-to-day life. This event, like every other event, was a success for ITA. The event again highlighted the commitment of KReSITians toward the spreading of knowledge.

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