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News: December2000

C-Block of the School Building Inaugurated

23 December, 2000
Kanwal Rekhi inaugurated the newly constructed C-Block of the school building today. The block houses the HOD's Office, a conference room, 6 class rooms and 8 research labs. The school would be shifting to the newly constructed premises tentatively after the midsems next semester. The whole edifice would be ready by the next year end.
Details of the function and photograhs would be available in this space shortly. Do check again.

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webteam launches the new school site

23 December, 2000
Webteam has launched the new school site at 12:00AM today. The long awaited launch coincides with the innaugration of the C-Block of the school building which would happen later today. So it has been a very opportune moment for the site to come up. The news page has carried the jazzy look and feel of the site for quite some time now. We news people like to stay ahead of the game ;-)
Chances are that you have already been through the many interesting pages and nooks and corners of this site if you are reading this page. Hope you havnt missed our new online library interface, or the elaborate descriptions of the school history or the very helpful FAQ for the aspirants to MTech program. You also should not miss the fact that most of the data here is already xmlized. So the pages that tell you all about faculty, students and courses are generated on the fly from a lot of xml at the back. what a lot of hype can do to your web site ;-)
A lot of sweat has gone into ensuring that the site looks okay in different browsers! So if all looks garbled on your screen please drop a (polite) mail to webteam. They shall swot the bug asap! These webteam people have these uncanny tendencies of killing bugs. Its all the fish that they eat that does this to their brain, i guess.
The new web interface to the library is a great boon too! You can search for books, track books and the system automatically mails the defaulters. Then there is the search feature. The word "wodehouse" returned 12 hits. Try out all the 12 pages!

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srinath, rahul and vikram off to cochin

10PM on 11 December, 2000
The trio of srinath, rahul and vikram leave tommorrow morning for cochin to attend International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications, ADCOM. They catch netravati from kurla at 11:45AM. Their paper is called "Mobile Agents in E-Commerce : A quantitative evaluation". Vikram is going purely with the enthu and hopes to see the great sights offered by konkan railways. He shall continue on to bangalore to attend HiPC 2000. All the very best to this team of ITPreneurs!

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Full Moon

4AM on 11 December, 2000
The full moon, on the early hours of this day shone in through the window into the room of this reporter who was till then deep in slumbers! I wonder if this has happened to you. Waking up and finding the kindly satellite beaming into your sanctum, filling it up with those silver streaks of light. You can just look at it and let the feeling overcome you. There it is, peeping in through the window from a thousand miles!
It would have been too impolite to the visitor to have negelcted him. So this reporter took to the open grounds to see the moon in the splendour of the night along with those glittering stars. And guess what? Having had an infinite dekko at this natures spectacle....he headed to the lab with that peaceful, easy feeling. And there were 3 of them geeks straining away at their compys. What is this life if full of care...we have no time to stand and stare..

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PhD. Elect

05 December, 2000
All mtech99 applicants for the PhD. positions at the school have been selected! These are
  • vikram
  • srinath
  • shantanu
  • amit

In a panel-meet/interview and after a thorough thrashing by the faculty the above itpreneurs were given the good news! Four smiling faces :-) were later seen making their way to maddu mess for lunch. Maddu mess grub must have never tasted better. CONGRATS!

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