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News: December2003

KReSIT in Mood Indigo'2003.

10:00 PM, 24nd December, 2003.

KReSITians were seen enjoying various flavours of life in Mood Indigo for the last four days. The KReSIT junta took part enthusiatically in every event in Mood Indigo 2004.Be it dance workshops or quizes, one or the other KReSITian was prsent. Mood Indigo is a flagship cultural event of IIT Bombay which is attended by thousands of students throughout India.

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MTP stage-II evaluation starts

10:00 PM, 22nd December, 2003.

The MTP stage-II evaluations started today. This is one of the most interesting moments in a graduate student's life. The research he does in his graduate life is evaluated critically at various stages. This marks one more milestone on the research career of any KReSITian.

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KReSIT team in Cricket match finals.

10:00 PM, 10th December, 2003.

KReSIT team showed one of the their best performances ever today. The finals of the cricket matches was marked by trail blazing performance by star KReSIT firebrands like Roger, Sanjay and Vijay.The team, dressed in the newly released departmental tshirts looked great and played above expectations. It was a great irony although that we met a close defeat at the end. Kudos to the KReSITian team for their superb performance in all the matches in the tournament.

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Tshirts released.

10:00 PM, 9th December, 2003.

The long awaited tshirts were released today. The tshirts, which represents the identity of KReSITians in IIT Bombay, were designed by Amreek Singh and Parag. These tshirts will also be sent to alumni spread far and wide in India and abroad. "Dream, Plan and Execute" is the motto on the tshirt which symbolizes the spirit of the IT leaders of future who are being nurtured in this premier institute of research and education.

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Quiz: No not the academic one!!

10:00 PM, 5th December, 2003.

Chetan Vaity, MTech 02 batch organised a Quiz on general knowledge on 5th Dec, 2003, 10:00 pm in SIC-301 classroom. Apart from questions on world politics, geography, literature, and Indian History, there were questions on KReSIT and IIT Bombay.

Four teams, of three students each, participated. (Some appendices were also allowed.) Roger and Maymon emerged as Quiz stars. The winning team??? The question is still out and each of the team is reported to have claimed the title (except the MTech03 team which had the pride of holding the unique fourth position.) The original, novel strategy by our Quiz-master, of giving the team with minimum points a chance to gain, by throwing in a bonus question (thought online by him), ended up in never-ending rounds. This was apparently an attempt by him to dissapoint nobody, but was rewarded by the angry teams in bumps and chappals only. Though Chetan has been reported to have acknowledged a good circulation of blood achieved by the excercise (Oh buoy!)

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