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News: February2001

lines from a song...

27 February, 2001
Usually tail pieces would have something like this. Lines from songs i mean. Why dont we put one in the begining? And a good reason too. I heard this one on sri lanka (SW2, 19m 6-10AM, 31m 6-9PM). Quite a catchy tune too.
its been a hard day's night
i've been working like a dog...
its been a hard day's night
i'm gonna sleep like a log...
Thinking about the really hard working people around i guess we should replace the nights by days and vice versa* and try to find the mp3 :-) Has anyone heard this song or got the mp3?

Midsems have just ended and there is a strange sunday-kind-of-feeling in the institute now a days. '99 people are through with this kind of thing but '2k surely must be relieved. Janaki the enthusiastic events co-ordinator of the ITA has been active in this post-exam time. On Friday last, 2 teams battled out at a game of cricket. In this keenly contested match raghu, sachin, janaki, pranav, srinath and rahul made notable contributions (absolutely no need to mention abhi, see feedback) A detailed score card is unfortunately not available as this reporter could not make it to the ground in time. A 4-hour delay of the 2962 UP Avantika Express is to blame.

And here are some reflections after the 10 day break that i had. The school building looks increasingly huge. Nothing compares to the green green grass of home. Air is a bit warmer now and more humid too. Claustrophobia, being back in bombay! And yeah...its good to be back!

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* but would this work?

essentially about vikram

07 February, 2001
It has been already reported that the 10 nilekani fellows of the 99 batch are straining hard to polish their research work and explore more. It was also mentioned in an earlier article that such an activity has its own way! It needs a lot of floating about with the mind meandering about in the sea of ideas.

Are innovations and creativeness bounded to academics? Lets come to the point. The mot juste! This reporter had the good fortune to work closely with Vikram who was the actor, director and producer of the play by H8 in the hindi dram competition. It was called Sabse Bada AAdmi. Like the craftsman who skillfully shapes the lump of clay into a masterpiece this reporter saw the play take shape, moulded by the expert hands of the man from jammu!

Vikram saab (as everybody calls him in the hostel) is gifted with such imagination that he could have played all the parts in the play himself! He visualized every gesture, every movement and every spoken word. Almost creating the whole thing in his mind and then helping the team to play it on stage. Handling seven twenty-somethings who are also bubbling with energy and ideas is no easy task. But then if you have that abandunce of patience as vikram its as easy as a pie. But then again...really not that simple. maan gaye vikram saab

We won the drams of course :-)

Another 8ite has been straining hard in the past week. Janaki gave a 100% plus for the inter volley matches. You should have seen that drained soul after the match. Unfortunately H8 could not make it to the semis...but with anand and bro vijay hanging around for another year, H8 volley surely has to see better days. Abhi is also seen at the nets now-a-days. His fast one can reach 110Kmph and i guess they castle the batsmen before their eyes can turn white. H8 plays this saturday.

And now for that little note about...whats-it. Suresh and Pats were seen loading up a cab with all their worldly possessions (that one is...wrongly spelt?) this morning. They vacate the hostel on the 12th.

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