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News: February2002

YAYATI- Vikrams's direct(orial) hit conquers IIT

5:41pm, 12 February 2002

(Senapati)YAYATI Maharaj ki......
(chorus) JAI.

As part of "Annual Production" programme, a play "YAYATI" was staged on Saturday(9th Feb) and Sunday(10th feb) spanning 3 shows in all. Actually, it was a sort of revival for the "Annual Production" programme as it was the first such attempt in the last 5-6 years. And one of the leading lights behind it was none other than our own Vikram. He was the director of the play as well as played the central character "YAYATI".

"YAYATI" is an accliamed play written by Girish Karnad. It deals with King YAYATI's desire to conquer death apparently under the guise of working for his kingdom's well being and then his final realization of futility of it all. But actually the play underlines the basic human need of being recognized and the ego that drives him to achieve that even at the expense of others. Some traits we all can identify with, can't we ?

The play was very well received by the audience. All the actors involved gave a superb performance. The consistency maintained by them in all the three shows was amazing. The music was all live. Lighting was also commendable. Sound arrangement was truely fantastic so much so that even the ornaments thrown by Devyani(in rage of course, ;-)) could be heard clearly as they bounced off the stage. And last but not the least, the Direction was superb. Holding the whole audience wrapped up for a play lasting more than two and a half hours and that too for a play dealing with such serious undertones(as well as overtones :-) ) is really something. So, kudos to Vikram for such a wonderful direction and also for extracting such fine performances from all the actors involved. Kudos to all the people involved in the play, too. Lets hope we get to witness such fine efforts in future too.

So, once again ...

YAYATi Maharaj ki....
(IIT)JAI ho.

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The Beast Arrives!

4th February 2002

The new GS160 from COMPAQ has arrived. With 3GB*2 memory cards and huge disk storage space, it's real big gift from COMPAQ. Most probably, licensed Oracle 9i will be installed on this. Our beloved is buzzing with suggested names for the server. It's a real racket out there - galaxies, mythical figures, fictional characters, spices and what not. What shall be the name of this new server?

Here's a wonderful recording of the sounds when the server was being hauled up the stairs, to its new home in the Compaq lab on the second floor.

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Web Design Workshop

1st February 2002

Alls well that ends well.........Thats the most appropriate description for the Web Designing Workshop organized by the 'newbies'. This being the first event for the new sworn in ITA council, they got a taste of "goof ups" last minute glitches and some very interesting moments...not to forget the double delivery of tea from two tea stalls :)

Public cooperated and were very enthusiastic about the whole program. They asked very interesting questions and submitted some very good sites. Atlast the web workshop was concluded as per schedule, except for the test which was scheduled the next week.

It was as much fun and knowledgable to ITA council as it was for the attendees. Some of the MTech01 guys did infact loved teaching especially the part where they used 'stick' to point on the screen.

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