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News: February2003

Lagori played !!!

8:00pm, 1st February 2003

The new month was started in a unique style this time. The concept was to get a real 'informal' activity going !!! And the activity chosen was "LAGORI"...

Yes.. the same old game which is played in the lanes of every village, town and city in India... The same game our Gujju brothers call "Thikri".
It was a nice game.. There were two teams. The games went on and on for many rounds.. giving immense joy to the players ! Ramu and Kalpesh turned out to be the super strikers for us.

The game started at 6:00 PM in the evening. the first few rounds, each team tried to collapse the Lagori tower.. but in vain ! It was then when Kalpesh suddenly shattered the tower of Lagoris.. And here began the great game of "running and hiding and aiming and hitting" ! Soon, the team managed to get the Lagori tower up... And this was the first team point.

There was no stopping after this. The game continued with a great energy. Everyone had his adrenal activity to its peak ! The Lagori tower was grounded many times.. and brought up many times... It was real fun. There was a strategy which Deepanshu's team's opponents had followed... They targeted Deeps for obvious reasons ;-)

And finally, it was dark.. The game had ended by then. The ball with which "Lagori" was played was torn into two because of heavy playing. This ball is now preserved in GSL as a memory of this ultimate evening indicating the start of a new era of informal activities and fun in KReSIT.

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