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News: February2004

Lifetime achievement award for Prof. D.B.Phatak

23rd February, 2004.

"Zuban pe IT. Dil mein India". This is probably the best way in which we can describe Dr.D.B.Phatak. Recently, he was awarded the Skoch Challenger 2004 Lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the field of IT. An article appeared in the Economic Times dated 23rd February 2004 regarding this. A movie has been prepared by Skoch to dedicate this award to Prof. Phatak. The movie describes the views of various academic and industrial bigwigs about Prof. Phatak. It also describes the vision that Prof. Phatak has for India.

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Business Incubator shines in Economic Times

5th February, 2004.

"KReSIT emphasizes Innovation and Entrepreneurship." This is what an article on KReSIT and Business Incubator, published in Economic Times dated 5th February(Page no. 13), says. The article mentions about the founders of KReSIT - Mr. Kanwal Rekhi and Mr. Nandan Nilekhani, vision of KReSIT, various programmes offered and research activities at the school. The article appreciates idea of Buisness Incubator and mentions about various companies under it.

Click here for the article.

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