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Comments on the news item: 'We_are_the_Champions'

remember !! this was a match with a batch of 8 on each side.. never accepted as a team .. that too when comes to Cricket !!have any go !!what about the REAL TEAM GAME around 25 of this month ( nov .. ) i.e.,, after the examscome on ...have any say ????

comments from ramu

bhai doodh ka jala chach ko bhi fook fook kar pita hai ....:) and MTech02 are bent on facing one defeat after they want another match...why are they so facinated by defeat- singleton

comments from singleton

anybody willing (read: "daring") to play against the real team?i mean mtech99?

comments from who-is-it

It's so easy to tell who it is ;-)

comments from Sachin

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