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News: January2001


29 January, 2001
Tremors of the earthquake that rocked the country affected all of us like never before! Srinath had left for Ahmedabad on the 25th!!! I am extremely relieved and happy to report that he is back, safe and sound. IIM Ahemadabad shall have to wait for this talented itpreneur's exploits.

Balsree made it to the finals of the science quiz at Techfest! Bal's team put up a splendid show. Keep it up bals. If you spot him in a white techfest T-Shirt, dont let him go without a treat. (He likes coffee at the staffC. Avoid any mention of it if you want anything with a semblance of a decent treat) And here i get obsecenely personal. Balsree has written a writeup on the naneghat trek too. All that ink on his nose really tells the story. It shall be down here shortly. Also now-a-days balsree can be seen mooning about with a book of shell scripting, that geek look behind those glinting specs....Bals is turning a new leaf!

Techfest also involved shanty, abhi, yogi, jaju and self in judging the entries in the Veritas Open Software Contest. Jaju of course also had seminars on Networking and System Administration. Shanty is facing a paper deadline but still was all-enthu for the judging stuff. Amit and yogi had other pressing jobs too ;-) Overall it was a great experience. Active participation of itpreneurs is indeed a great thing to happen. IT-Preneurs must lead the way!

Venky and Neeta have left. We shall really miss 'em. Venky wrapped up things in style. Particular as he always was in things, he silently moved out. Neeta, towards the end resembled a shuttle that has acquired escape velocity. Here she was and then the next moment wasnt! These happenings are portentious.

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Nilekani Fellows Gear Up

25 January, 2001
The honeymoon is over! This was the message that dbp gave to the assembled audience of mtech99 Nilekani fellows (most of whom shifted nervously in their chairs), research scholars and faculty members. As the thunders of MTP presentations subside, a new target presents itself to these aspiring itpreneurs. That of Publications!!! For the next three months the students have this sole purpose in life. (there are some nagging TA duties though ;-)

Vikram has been unanimously elected as the first ever Chairman of the KReSIT Students Association. As the reporter keys in these words vikram is making clear his dreams of doing something truely lateral. We share his dream and relish the future that he envisons for the ITA! Hrishi was elected as the GSec and Abhilash the treasurer. The ad-hoc manner of the elections have raised concerns and so has the poor attendance(low voter turnout bug!). But the enthu is definitely building up and things look bright.

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Valedictory Function

20 January, 2001
It was that day alas! Who ever thought of it coming. And perhaps we are not even sure as to what an extent it has changed the way we are. This process of getting on in the years, though gradual, does strike you some times. And it struck this reporter on this day.

Evening of the 19th Jan was exactly 18 months from the first day of classes of the mtech99 batch. As shanty pointed out, on 19 July 1999 at 8:30 AM the school's first class was held. This was the Software Engineering class of dbp. Do i still remember that bet! Interestingly 18 months is officially the time in which departments are supposed to heave the post graduates out. So things at KReSIT were done with a clinical precision.

I would like to specially mention (in the first person) that the 2k batch did an excellent job with the paraphernalia that goes along with such functions. Jolly good show that! One could always sense a buzz but the '99 people were really amazed at the final output. Touched too. <sigh> You people just made it harder to leave!

Sridhar sir gave some very insightful advise to the passing out batch. "Enjoy the route to the peak." This trek punter batch gathered the import immediately. Sunita ma'm echoed similar sentiment when she asked us to get a kick out of the nine to five existence! But it was dbp who really made the lot sit up and become aware of the immense responsibility! "What ever you do, you would always carry the flag of IIT Bombay and School Of IT on your shoulders." Sir, it is indeed a great privilege!
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The Moonlit Trail

13 January, 2001
The visit to naneghat on the evening of 12th extending to noon today was the trek that may be aptly descibed as the moonlit trail. Details shall follow shortly.

Here's the promised update on the trek! That too by bals. And he calls it...

Moonlight flashes down memory lane

It was a package of fear, excitement, joy, curiosity that was unveiled by the leader janaki! Josh followed with cacks, jokes, and chanting of hare rama hare krishna (vikram!) Those who preferred to keep quiet enjoyed the silence of the nature around. The moon appeared unusually brighter for me as it pierced into the dense forest of trees and plants and showed the path to us. Janaki the torch bearer (literally) used it to search for trails. (He was unsually strict not unlike a platoon commander or something. -ed.) Abhijit was at the end of the 19 member team.

The moskis out there treated us well but thankfully odomos was there :-) We ran out of water long before we reached the top. Janaki kept a tactful silence all thru out! Junta was kept from the strategic info that up there in the rocks were springs of water. (and how sweet it tasted!) All way to the top were stone stairs and there was a cave up there where we camped for the night. Chikkoos, dates (the many packs of biscuits had disappeared mysteriously -ed.) satisfied junta's quest for hunger. Some anxious junta did not sleep at all and enjoyed the beauty of the scenic surroundings. These enthupunters gathered some wood for fire from the peak. @5:00AM the campfire was up and hot chocolate was prepared. Everybody really warmed up to this and had some fundoo stuff.

It was then that the entire gang conquered the peak. I was really amazed to see the vast plains up at the top. The stage was set for the sun and for lots of fun to come. (bals, that rhymes! -ed.) Snaps of the rising sun were captured in cameras and in the memories. It was then followed by chaotic scenes when the breaker of jam+butter+bread was prepared. The tranquility around the place was marred by voices demanding double jam, jam+butter, plain bread etc.

Then we all started for the downward trip with a heavy load of memories and some garbage as well due to pollution awareness.

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what goes into the mtech report

11 January, 2001
For the benefit of the 2k and later batches this reporter reveals all! No its not black magic, not much voo doo and not even the abra-ka-dabra. The mtech report needs something else.

Having first fooled the '99 batch into believing that the reporter is not affiliated to any sensational media like this tremendous page, he made way into the dungeons where these people work...actually became one of them...<evil grin> and setting new records in the field of investigatory journalism (unless there is some other term for this kind of thing) he found out the secret. Those clandestine tactics, the surreptitous actions, that knowledge of the unknown etc etc. read on....

It actually needs coffee. Lots of it. And even more. The algorithm is as follows:
  1. start
  2. type a bit
  3. look lost
  4. muse for a while
  5. muse a bit more
  6. get a glassy look in the eye
  7. walk randomly in the corridors
  8. look at the sky, drive inspiration from the stars*
  9. go to the shack and have a strong one**
  10. back to start, unless of course it is the time to hang up the boots!

Of course these chappies have an infinite store of energy. They were working all the time and sometimes it became difficult to track 'em all. One has to have a decent eight hours right? But then this restless lot was there in front of their PC's all the time!

But remember the cuppa cappuccino, the glassy look and the stare into the far unknown. Right ingredients for an mtech report. One that does not desire any plastic binders.

*assuming of course that like any sane person youll be working in the wee hours, otherwise white fleecy clouds in the azure sunlit skies might provide similar inspiration!
**coffee that is! and yeah on sundays excellent coffee can be prepared in the faculty wing
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Spring Semester Begins

1 January, 2001
School reopens for the spring semester on the new years day. And its a very fine day too. Much has been written about the sunshine after the rains and i would like to put in these lines from a song...

i can see clearly now, the rain is gone
i can see all obstacles in my way....
gone are the dark clouds that somethin somethin
its gonna be a bright bright sunshiny daaaay*

The showers yesterday evening and night have done wonders to the air. The morning sunlight brought out that extra clarity in the surroundings. Its always great to have bright clear sunlight in the mornings...throw in some chill...and a haze of clouds...the mixture is too rich and i grope for words. It acts like that buck-u-uppo i mentioned else where.
The import is that it is on an enthusiastic and a very optimsitic note that the new academic session begins. We need a lot of it and a lot of beeming sunshine too coz its a long way to go and there are lots of promises to keep. And as dbp said "we shall make it."

*check out all the lines of this song here!
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