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News: January2003

Farewell 2003

10.00pm, 29nd January 2003

Here came the time to bid adieu to the unique 01 batch... The batch who left its mark in every walk of life... A batch which excelled in every sphere of activity ! Here are the people who are the technocrats of the future... People, who are India's rising stars... The 'stars' were given a great farewell by the 'stars in the making' !

The first sun ray of the day brought with it an atmosphere of enthusiasm and sentiments. Throughout the day, everyone was busy with the preparations for the most awaited event. The farewell function started at 6:00 PM.

It started with a 'prarthana' by Nandini. It was followed by a welcome speech. Prof.Hari Sahasrabuddhe heartily congratulated the 01 batch for their completion of graduation. He gave them some useful fundae for life as KReSIT alumni. He was followed by Prof.Sridhar Iyer. Sridhar sir, in his usual interesting style, left everyone spell bound. He asked everyone to "enjoy life and try to excel in whatever they do." He also stressed upon the strengthening of ITA. Sridhar sir and Hari sir enlightened the outgoing batch about the general fundaes of life. Prof.D.B.Phatak, the Head of the School, then took charge as the speaker. DBP reiterated the vision of the school and talked about the sweat and time that went into the making of the world class research place. He reminded the passing out batch about their responsibilities as KReSIT alumni and IIT alumni in general. DBP filled in a new vigour into the students.

It was then when Shweta and group gave a entertaining performance. They sang a 'composed-edited-sung by KReSIT' song which depicted many aspects of M.Tech life in the school. Thanks to all those who made such a nice song.

After the inspirational words, came time to bid a formal good bye to the passing out batch. Every stud of the passing out batch was invited and welcomed by a one-line title. He was presented with a batch memoir and a memento. Every passing out student shared his enchanting experience in the school. They gratitude they showed towards the school was something the junior batch would never forget.

As the program was going on, one of the most awaited members of the KReSIT family arrived. She was none other than Prof.Sunita Sarawagi. Prof.Sunita then blessed the students with her wishes. She gave a rose to every passing out student. It was a great time with everyone around. Everyone from the KReSIT family enjoyed the function.

It was time for dinner. Everyone had a great grub at the institute guest house. It was great to have dinner besides the lake. The function resumed at 9:00 PM with everyone loaded with grub. It was show-time then !!! Fun was to reign !!! Things started off with a skit ! It was a all time big comedy. The theme was based on the plight of the student burdened ;-) with the projects in F-Lab. It depicted a poor chap who goes and seeks help from his batchmates and seniors and showed how everyone responded :)). The skit was enacted beautifully by the talented students of the 02 batch !
Then came the treasure hunt. It was a great game.... It lasted quite for some time... people running here and there for clues was a great site to watch. Finally, Manish-Sameer-Crena team emerged as the ultimate winners. After that, a movie show was arranged. Everyone enjoyed the great party.

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New ITA Council Elected !!!

11.00pm, 29nd January 2003

Recently, the elections for the new ITA council were conducted. The fair elections were supervised by the election officer Danesh Tarapore. There were many nominations for various posts. The elections took place on Jan 17,2003. The results were declared on 17th Jan,2003. The new council is as follows:
Chairman & Treasurer Prof. Sridhar Iyer
General Secretary V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran
Media & Alumni Secretary Akhilesh S Shirbhate
Account Secretary Chetan Vaity
Events Secretary Prashant Rajoria
Informal Activities Secretary Kalpesh Patel
Industry Interactions Secretary Vijaykumar V
Tech-Talks Secretary Sayyaparaju Sunil

The old council formally instated the new council in a small meeting on 19th Jan,2003. The old members (Ajay Gupta, Anupam Goel, Deepanshu Shukla, Abhishek Goliya, Sameer Sahasrabuddhe, Ashish Tendulkar, Satyajit Rai) gave useful guidance to the new council members. Prof. Sridhar briefly reiterated the aims of ITA and also gave a guideline of what the new council had to do in its term.
Thus, the new ITA council was geared up for a new era of achievements.

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New Year Hungama!!!

7.00pm, 2nd January 2003

Before one could bat an eyelid, the new year was already knocking at the door. That knock sends everyone into a spin (with a smile) and this happens every year. So, this year was no different (the guys just love to party :-)). To welcome the arrival of a new year filled with possible night-outs, unknown day-dreams and fun, more importantly a new year filled with so many uncertainities, opportunities and hope, the IT guys had a blast of a party on the new years eve.

The show got going after dinner around 10 pm. The '02 guys did a great job in coming up with a number of interesting fun games (a variation of pictionary, pictionary, dumb charades to name a few). The competetion heated up as the games rolled on one after the other and the junta started becoming more vocal. The ploy to use different comperes for different games in order to control the crowd worked in bits-n-pieces depending on the compere :-). On the other hand, it gave everyone a chance to play games and not get left out just coordinating the show. The surprise packet of the eve was the "knife searching" contest when the gong struck 12. That too after showing junta the two cakes that seemed so inviting to be devoured. Not surprisingly, some enthu junta started offering their sharp as an axe fingers for the purpose. Eventually, the knife was found, the cake cut and devoured (and fingers saved, of course :-) ). Now, it was time to hit the floor. SIC-301 (classroom where the party was held) burned by the energy that oozed out of the rythmic, non-rythmic, in syn, not in syn, haphazard, desperate and movements that can occur only when a wretched, work-laden soul is set free in a party haven (Don't get any false ideas about the work environment here...its great :-) ). After sufficient number of people had tried their hands at being the disc jockey, the new years eve folded into the arms of new years dawn at around 2 am. Everyone present had a great time.

Great work Mtech'02 guys!!
Signing off with the hope that this new year turns out to be a great year which gives everyone an opportunity to get furthur in the pursuit of their dreams, creates a better understanding of the life we live and makes each one of us a better person who enriches not only his own life but also of people who do not affect our lives directly but need attention nevertheless. Happy new year !!

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