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News: January2004

KReSITians crack Micromouse at Yantriki

09:30 PM, 26th January, 2004.

KReSITians bagged the first position and a special judges prize at Micromouse event of the Yantriki competition. Yantriki is India's Largest Robotics Competition held as a part of TechFest, IIT Bombay's annual science and technology festival..

KReSIT students, Praful Hebbar and Nirav Salot, teamed with Vinay Savla from the Electrical Engineering Department(IITB) to win the first prize at the Micromouse event.(Snaps and videos can be found here) Another team consisting of Sunil, Shourya, Kapil(All from KReSIT,IITB) along with Vipul(CSE,IITB) bagged Special judges prize for their good design.(Snaps can be found here).

In the Micromouse contest, each team had to design and build small self-contained robots (micromice) to negotiate a maze in the shortest possible time. Micromouse is an autonomous vehicle designed to get to the centre of the maze as quickly as possible. ( Contest details can be found here)

This year the Micromouse competition had 140 official entries out of which 32 teams had come to IIT Bombay to demonstrate their robots. The competition started in a lukewarm fashion as the intial teams faltered in their attempts to get their micromice target the center of the maze. Finally, to the crowd's delight, a team made to the center but not without five manual touches to get it back on track towards the center. Each manual touch incurs a time penalty for the concerned team. This effort was soon followed by our team from KReSIT as they started confidently with the whole of KReSIT cheering them on. They put the mouse on the start corner of the maze and let it go as it followed the gaps, backtracking at times, taking accurate 90 degree turns to reach the center, without any manual touches. The audience were on their feet applauding the marvellous effort put together by these guys. Celebrations in KReSIT soon began with newsgroups flooded with Congratulation posts and party requests.

KReSIT also won second prize in obstacle race in Techfest. It's a puzzle solving game, where 9 finalists were selected after elimination round. The team members were Sunil(MTech), Srinivas, Vivek, Bharat(Smart card Lab).

We, on behalf of KReSIT, congratulate them for the determination and hardwork put in for the competition. It was a regular scene for some of us from M.Tech. labs to find them in intense technical discussions spanning a few hours after midnight. Well done guys! KReSIT is proud of you.

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ITA GBM Held. Elections announced.

09:30 PM, 23th January, 2004.

ITA General Body Meeting has held today. The financial records of the past year were published. The council then made a brief presentation of what ITA achieved in the past one year through its activities. Policy issues related to the council structure and the fuinancial responsibilities of ITA towards its members and their interests were discussed. The election notice for the next council was also published, and the elections would be held on 28th Jan, 2004.

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Prof. Andrew Tanenbaum on "Worldwide Distributed System"

06:00 PM, 21th January, 2004.

Prof. Andrew Tanenbaum today visited KReSIT to tell KReSITians about his new project. Prof. Tanenbaum is behind making of a scalable infrastructure for a worldwide distributed system which would be able to support a billion users and a trillion objects ! His new project, named "Globe", is aimed at building a scalable global distributed system which would serve as a framework for people to construct services to be used by others.

Prof. Tanenbaum at the end of his talks gave students of the research his university is doing and also enlightened the students about the research opurtunities for IITians in his university.

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Poster presentation for MTP-stage 2

09:00 PM, 19th January, 2004.

The second stage evaluation of all the Master's project was over today. The poster presentation was conducted in circular hall with all the M.Tech 03 juntaa and the professors visiting the presentation. The event was successful in displaying the research activities being undertaken by the M.Tech students in the school.

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President Inaugrates KReSIT's Dep Goa Center

13th January, 2004.

The DEP remote center of KReSIT, IITB located at the Goa University Campus (Academic Staff College Building), was inaugrated by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam onJanuary 13, 2004. With this KReSIT's objective of taking IIT education to far reaches, gained greater momentum. The event was presided by Goa Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Parikkar (IITB alumnus) , Prof. Ashok Misra Director, and Prof Krithi Ramamritham, HOD, KReSIT .

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The RT-Linux fame in KReSIT

06:00 PM, 8th January, 2004.

Victor Yodaiken was in KReSIT today for a talk on one of the greatest innvovations in realtime software. The brain behind RT-Linux explained his technical master piece, i.e RT-Linux , to IITians. He also showed a live demonstration of RT-Linux. Victor explained various other things like why the Mars Rover mission escaped a near failure and why NASA used RT-Linux in its machines. His talk was a great inspiration and enlightenment for all the people in KReSIT. As a step forward in collaboration in the field of research and use of RT-Linux, FSM Labs and KReSIT have agreed to use RT-Linux in their courses like IT-606(Embedded Systems).

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The maker of the tiniest webserver enlightens juntaa !!!

06:00 PM, 6th January, 2004.

Hariharasubrahmanian Shrikumar, the man who has built the smallest web server in the world, was here in KReSIT to deliver a talk to the students in the institute. The talk was part of the Embedded Systems course in the school. "Shri", as he is popularly called, gave an insight into the technical details and the thought process involved in the building up of a "seemingly impossible device", building the TCP/IP stack with an integrated web server in 512 bytes of ROM and 24 bytes of ROM. He enlightened the students by giving his deep insights in the novel concept of "delayering."

Dr.Krithi Ramamritham, the head of the school, had guided Shri in his Phd. Prof. Krithi Ramamritham takes the Embedded Systems course in the School of I.T. The speaker was pleased to interact with the students in the institute. ITA, the KReSIT students body, presented Shri with a departmental T-shirt after the talk.

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Welcome 2004... Bye bye 2003 !!!

05:00 AM, 1st January, 2004.

KReSITians today welcomed 2004 in an unusually enthu mode. The event was celebrated by hosting a great party in the circular hall. The party was graced by Krithi Sir, Saraswati madam, Arvind Patil, Sameer Sahastrabuddhe and many others. The party is traditionally hosted by the fresh batch. The MTech03 batch did a fantastic job this time too. Kudos to the MTech03 batch for the organization of such a well managed event. The pictures of the KReSIT family enjoying life in the usual "party hard" spirit can be viewed here. A detailed report of this memorable party in the history of KReSIT will be posted soon.

Photos of the event here and here.

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