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News: July2000

Placements 101

Monday, July 24, 2000
Here is the status quo for the placements scene for the pioneer batch of KReSIT.
  • rvijay: TIL
  • gayatri: INFY
  • rahul: INFY
  • pats: INFY
  • saileja: COSL
  • abhi: VRTS
  • amit: VRTS
  • vrigo: VRTS
This only during the club companies! The other heavyweights are yet to come. kudos to our own insti PG REP Abhi. The day is near when KReSIT reaches the 100% palcements mark!Hip Hip Hurrah for MTech II

Welcome batch 2!

Friday, July 21, 2000
The official welcome programme was the agenda for the day. what with the new people busy with their registratons the programme which was scheduled to begin at 3:30 started later by about 15 min. the schedule was as follows
  • welcome talk by dbp. covering the issues of formation of the school and its ethos! the central message "SIT targets superiority all over the globe"
  • talks by faculty and adjunct faculty. Prof. Bernard, Prof. Iyer, Prof. Siva (CSE), Prof. Madhav Kulkarni (CIVIL) and Prof. Gadre (ELEC)
  • words of welcome on behalf of the MTech II, by vikram
  • introductions by the new faces in the S. Of I.T.
  • a tea that was not to be!
  • a heartening and extremely gratifying visit to the new school premises which are under construction. The populace cannot wait to shift in the new building. the date promised is 20th of dec '00. Some pics are here. 
  • coffee! tea alas :-|
At 7:30 in the evening it was the time for the big bash. Pizza's and cold drinks flowed as did the music. A gala time was had and was followed up by a movie show. not a bad movie this...jungle..I mean does not land you with a headache!
Junta was extremely lucky to have the company of Prof. Phatak for a cup of tea at the StaffC! The clock was showing 2:00AM!

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