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News: July2002

The New Guy(S)

8.00pm, 20th July 2002

Our new mtech batch, mtech02, a 27 strong class took their first steps into the schools history a couple of days back. This time around, school had its separate orientation from the institute. The guys were called a couple of days earlier than the normal joining for all other students of IIT. The students were already allotted their respective hostels before their arrival. Then followed a 2 day orientation of the guys in the school. This included brief intro by the new students, detailed presentation by all the faculty present and an ITA chat session. A power packed speech by DBP provided the knock out punch, as usual :-) ( Actually, a little thought reveals that its the other way round. DBP always hit hardest at the onset making the life easier for everyone to follow :-)). A guided tour (yes, it does take one to take a guide to understand the school set up..) of the building was also arranged. All this spaned around 2 days.
After the new batch was thru with registration and stuff, the old guys, mtech01, organised a freshers party for them. It started around 5:20 pm. The guys were asked to introduce themselves and tell about their whereabouts, hobbies and other usual stuff (of course, peppered by the mtech01 wisecracks :-)). A couple of interesting hobbies came to the fore. One jughead inspired guy's hobby was sleeping, one was into the business of dreaming and quite a few seemed to enjoy their potatoes on the be couch :-) (watching TV was their hobby). Watch out guys, first semester can turn out to be quite a sleepless drill in the end. Few guys a were into philosophy and one in particular threatened to take over everybodies nerves and senses until few thick skinned mtech01 guys just refused to give up to the moment of truth :-). Many guys were into sports and with a couple of good singers thrown in, the new batch turned out to be pretty well rounded batch. And the grub was there, of course. One interesting thing about the grub this year was that, believe it or not, Domino's Pizza was not there...(Domino's is going to be out of business soon at this rate). The new in thing with the mtech01 guys is a combo of samosa's, cakes, chips, sweets(some kind of burfi) ... .The only thing unchanged was the bottle of coke :-) . Finally, after dinner, The Matrix was the movie of the day in the school auditorium (looks really fabulous, great sound as well :-)) but before that it really took some doing by the mtech01 guys to get the movie going what with the cables, projector malfunction, audio misconfiguration and what not..).

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Check (This) Mate!!

8.00pm, 15th July 2002

All sport lovers, rejoice as a host of sporting euipments are now available in our own building. For the guys who like to sweat it out, there is a Table Tennis table, cricket bat and a football. So, pull up your socks, put on your gloves and get ready to Bend It Like Beckham :-). But The Other's who don't like to run around have been taken care of too. They need not keep their fingers crossed but can flex them on the carrom board :-). Those who don't like to move even their fingers can give their grey cells a workout on the chess board . And for those who don't want to disturb even their grey matter, well....., they can always watch all those movies scatterred around on servers across the IIT :-)

Stop. Don't run to have a go at the stuff and venge all your sporting acumen right now. All the stuff is currently lying in the reading room but will be placed in the graduate students lounge shortly. So until then keep your hands, legs, fingers and grey cells in check and wait for your chance to come.....

Some of you may be wondering about the source of the moolah needed for the stuff. So, the fact is that its the hard earned money of the students. It so happens that we have conducted entrance exams for IISE for the past two years in which our guys(students and staff) invigilate, take interviews etc. So, the guys paid us some moolah. The students decided to make good use of money and decided to buy some sporting equipment for the department. This act aptly shows the feeling of belonging to the department in each and every student. Great thought, guys!!

Looking ahead to a flurry of chops, smashes, top spins, backhands, forehands, square cuts, leg glances, sweeps, pulls, cover drives, sicilian defences, checks, mates ......

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Trek to Naneghat

8.00pm, 24 June 2002

This years Kresit Trek season started rolling yesterday, 23rd june '02, with mtech01 guys going on a trek to Naneghat. A group of eleven enthu guys started out from the Kresit stairs at around 5:45 am. The group caught the ever reliable mumbai local and got down at Kalyan after about 45 mins. After having one or two cuts of kadak chai , the group proceeded on by bus and got down at a place called Thokavade which many inexperienced trekkers thought to be a place quite close to the actual trekking point. But it turned out to be a walk of around an hour and the group thoroughly enjoyed the walk in the rain. Then came the turning point, into the jungle towards the actual trekking point. After another long walk (but shorter then the one on the highway) in the jungle, actual ascent started. It took about 2 hours to get to the peak with a break for finishing up all the grub carried by the guys. It was raining most of the time. The view was simply superb from different points during the ascent. It got very cloudy at the peak so much so that one was not able to see another standing only a few meters away. The view from there was simply breathtaking. The calm that filled the area at the peak would forever be etched in the minds of everyone present at the time. One could even listen one talking to himself. After that experience, it makes one feel that we are unnecessarily lost in too much noise these days. After that memorable experience, everybody started back and the group reached IIT at around 8 pm in the evening. Overall, a great start to the trekking season in the department.

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