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News: March2001

ITA Logo Design Contest Results!

11 March, 2001
Vikram, the sabse bada aadmi does it again. His idea of ITA's logo was selected as the winning entry. Sachin did a lot of work on the graphics and it looks really great. ITA is happening. This reporter was present for a while in one of the C-lectures today. Pranav was doing a tutorial on control structures. Later on paddy talked about functions. The 2k batch has surely taken a leaf out of dbp's book. Each lecture had a cozy 10 min tea break!

Holi kept the 8ites busy on saturday. The five Phd scholars, one masters student and the other (non 8ite) visiting research fellow resembled the ordinary frolicking undergrads in their holi-making. Many-Manny missed all the fun coz they were sleeping after a night in the lab.

Acoustic dust was held at H9 yesterday evening. All of us surely missed Srinath exercising the vocal cords. I feel that we must catch him sometime for another performance. In fact with all the singing talent around we can surely arrange for an IT-surbahar.

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Paper Writing Fundaes

08 March, 2001
Sunita ma'am unraveled the art of paper writing to the '99 and 2k people today! In this highly informative monologue she touched upon every aspect of a quality paper. With most of us involved in producing the magnum-opus (journal?) publication, these tips and techniques are a God send! The 2k junta are indeed fortunate. Its like the US marines at the onset of war.

Here are some real gems:
  • The text should not only bring out what is new, but also what is non-trivial about your work.
  • Know that the Reader of your paper is a blank mind!
  • The Title expands to the abstract, the abstract to the introduction and the introduction to the body of the paper.
  • Avoid the use of passive voice!
Its not about having a knack for writing, but more about creating a complete picture in the mind of the reader, step by step, gradually filling up the details by building upon what has been already motivated. Its the same idea that enthuses Janaki (we cant keep this guy out of the news articles now-a-days) in context of Linear Algebra and Vector Spaces. In the Tech-Talk today janaki gave an introduction to vector spaces and would follow it up sometime next week with some interesting applications.

A publication might get you to interesting places and can do wonders to your chances for doctoral studies. Thanks to Sunita ma'm more would get to cross the seven seas. From a bounded copy (the core-dump) to a few pages in a journal in a few thousand libraries worldwide and on to the laurels of that surely would make dbp very happy.

we need feedback on this article. i have missed out a lot in these few lines above. moreover this is an issue that is vital to the our development. synergise!

Saw the TAs of the IT-402 institute elective burning the night oil. Corrections of the 200 odd midsem papers were on. Corridors of the school have been buzzing with the activity of these TA's and IT-402 students in the nights with elaborate discussions and presentations. Since IT-402 is an institute wide course, this reporter feel that these it-preneurs are doing a fantastic job with their responsibilities which would surely make the stock of the school rise and break through the top of the dow jones! Capital effort. Please do keep it up.

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T3 Results

00:55AM, 04 March, 2001
Pranav is the Table Tennis Champ of the school. In the finals of the T3 (Table Tennis Tournament) which were held at the SAC he beat paddy. The score was 21-13, 23-21. The semifinalists also included abhi and chitti. Kudos to Janaki for organizing the tournament. The participation enthu was infinite and almost everyone on campus was present.

Activities in and around have not been limited to sports and leisure. Under the auspices of the ITA, a few students of the 2k batch are conducting a C course for the PhD junta of the non CS, IT and EE branches. amitp is the course co-ordinator. Today was the first day of the course and sachin gave the inaugural tutorial. Some 50 people have registered and 30 odd have been defered to a waiting list. The team that is conducting this course is Anuradha, Pranav, Paddy, Amit, Janaki, Abhilash, Manoj and also Sachin. These people have put in a lot of effort designing and planning some 12 tutorials, teaching aids (powerpoint slides), a web page for additional resources, information and assignments.

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Star Gazing

01 March, 2001
"That is the hunter with his dog. And behind them is a lion waiting to spring on its prey." Sridhar sir was alluding to the constellations in the night sky. He was guiding us on the first star gazing session on the terrace of the new school building. The glare from the city lights and a light cloud cover made star gazing tricky but we were in good(expert!) hands. Starting from the western sky we saw the Pleiades cluster (if you can see 8 stars in this cluster then your eyesight is good), Taurus (shaped like a V), The orion (the hunter adorned with the belt and holding a bow), its dog, Gemini, Leo (see the sickle and the triangle beneath...), Great bear, Pole Star and Perseus who chases Andromeda, now having set in the west. The sky guide/chart can be found in the '99 lab.

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