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News: March2003

M.Tech admissions process started !!!

11.00pm, 7th March 2003

It was time when the procedure for M.Tech admissions started. It was a huge batch effort for the first stage of M.Tech admissions.
The whole mtech02 joined hands to get the chosen few from all over the nation. The first step was to get the posters done and send them.
The posters were finally designed and put in the envelopes. The posters were send to all the colleges in India.

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Trek to Pebb Killa !!!

11.00pm, 1st March 2003

Trekking.. An indivisible part of the KReSIT life !

Time had come when people wanted to stretch their muscles ! Time had come, when people wanted to rise higher.. rise into the clouds.. Rise towards the mountain tops !

The destination chosen was the scenic landscape of "Pebb killa." And the day chosen was Friday (28th February, 2003) night ! The team started off from KReSIT at about 8:30 PM. They then traveled to "Nerul." Raghu instructed everyone about the planning and code of conduct ! The team started with an aim of climbing up the "Pebb killa" hills. The troop carried on their journey for an hour before realizing they were on the wrong track :-) The troop then came to the base station again and started on the correct track. It took many hours of hard efforts to reach the top of the hill. While trekking up the hill, people lost their way.. As a result, they decided to spent a night(two hours left for dawn :)) ) on the hill half way to the destination. Finally, the troop reached the hill top in the morning at about 9:00 AM.

Then started the enjoyment of the day. People refreshed in the cold breeze of the mountains. It was a heavenly pleasure for all of us ! Then came a sudden plan about going to Matheran. The plan was immediately approved.. It was a great time going to Matheran. People roamed in the valleys and strolled on the untrod paths of the Matheran jungles. Finally, in the evening, people took their snacks and headed back toward their original heaven(SIT) !

It was a great experience .. A lifelong memory....

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