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News: May2001

mtechONE admissions and more

12:02AM, 21 May, 2001
The last two days have seen hectic activity. It was the time for the admission of the mtechONE batch. And how!!! This repoter landed in bombay after an uneasy hour in his office (in pune) on Saturday afternoon. The place was a buzz of activity. Interviews were going on after the initial written test. The admission process consists of a written test followed by a couple of interviews. The first of these is held by a panel of students and the second by the faculty. This time though there were two faculty panels.

Thirty seven hopefuls were shortlisted for interviews after the tough written test. T H E  I N T E R V I E W S...they deserve a special mention. The junta looks forward to these moments when they can quiz the neophytes to their heart's content. In a well organised and planned manner the 2k people carried out their responsibility rather well. I hope that mtechONE surpasses all expectations and scales new heights. Welcome aboard, mtechONE.

No special mentions are required. One and all contributed to the task at hand. mtech2k were aided in their efforts by aru (we shall refer to him here-after as the grand old man of KReSIT admissions), vikram, raghu, shantanu, srinath and guess who? Abhijit and yours-truely too landed in time to get their share of the fun.

There are other reasons to cheer for mtech99. The paper on icube by gayatri and sunita maa'm has been accepted for VLDB 2001. It is titled "Intelligent rollups in multidimensional OLAP data". Congratulations! This deserves special mention as it is the only paper to be accepted from India! No surprise though. After putting in all those hard night's days'...

Vikram left today for the Amrita institute, Coimbatore. He has been invited there for giving tutorials on mobile agents and their applications in distance education and e-commerce.Vikram saab ab south india me bhi apni chaap chod kar aayenge! Srinath left for home today too! His mtech tenure is over. When he comes back he shall join as a PhD student. Talking of arrivals and departures...we shall surely miss bonchi. This soft spoken (unless you eat pasta with ketchup) italian left for italy on the tenth. He had very comfortable apartments where we used to see the grand prix every other weekend. All the best to you bonchi. Hope we bump into each other again, and sometime soon.

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3 May, 2001
Filling in till we have a full time reporter on board. For those who come in late, we are at a juncture where ours-truly-reporter vrigo having finished his mtech at KReSIT, has joined veritas and left for pune to add a new feather to his cap. Truly, we'll miss the news as served from your pen, vrigo.

After a long stretch of inactivity on the informal activities front, thursday the 3rd of May, finally saw the ITpreuners in full enthu again. A welcome change from the activities which have been predominatly sports oriented, until now, came in the form of the lit event - sit-n-crack. Infy thanks to Sridhar Sir for setting the clues and conducting the sit-n-crack with so much enthu.amit and shantanu's team stood first while abhijit and raghu stood second after losing the intial take-off on a few daanaas. Notable was jaju and rahul's team in who ended up making Sridhar Sir give daanaas for the daanaassssss that they took.

Overall, great show junta. Let the tradition continue. Talking of tradition reminds me - traditionally the winners have to set the next lit event. So amit, shantanu, raghu, abhijit (do we still have you?) - the onus is on you.

contributed by janaki
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