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News: November2000

Mohd. Sajids Aqueeqa

27 November, 2000
Mohammed Sajids Aqueeqa took place on the Sunday, 26th November at the lake side community hall. Almost the entire school populace turned up to share this happy moment with the parents and family. Manager saa'b had organised a wonderful daawat. The biryani was reported to be of exceptional taste and there was some great halwa too. Sajid was so cheerful all throughout. When amit took him in his arms he refused to leave! There was one feeling that came to all: "tum jio hazaroo saal, saal ke din ho pachas hazaar!"

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Things hot up as endsem begins

14 November, 2000
Endsemester examinations begin today with the OOPS paper being held from 5:30 to 8 in the KReSIT class cum lab. This semester has zoomed past at such a rapid pace! The populace is now busy with reports, seminars, submissions, night outs and hitting the books for that last ditch effort that makes all the difference. The absolute trauma of these days when you have exams and projects and coding and reports is just what we would miss in the coming days. Not that i am terribly unhappy ;-)

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Dr. Suhas Patil visits the school

10 November, 2000
Dr. Suhas Patil, Chairman emeritus of Cirrus Logic Inc. visited the school on Monday, 6 November. He met the startups in the business incubator. He also surveyed the school facilities and has promised to be present at the inauguration of the new school building on the 23rd of December! Earlier in the evening he gave a talk in the Lecture Theatre about "Preparing to be an Entrepreneur." Words of wisdom flowed and he pointed the importance of research/PhD programs as a preparation to becoming an entrepreneur! Something I would carry on from that talk is the appropriateness test to taking decisions.
The Tech-Talk series continues with enthusiastic participation of the 99 and 2k batches! Last 2 talks in the series were on COM. Speaker being Srinath (svs[at]it). With an effortless and easy manner, supplementing his explanations with code snippets Srinath made the topic clear to one and all! There were some rather stupid questions from the junta but he answered all queries showing a lot of patience. We look forward to more talks from him.
It would be unfair if no mention is made of the certain mails to mtech99 by the faculty. It reminds me of "Mulliners Buck-u-Uppo"*, and i am sure that these concerns of the faculty embodied in SMTP would get similar desired effects.
Birthday boy rvijay (8 nov) has placed some cakes at the usual spot! If you are reading this now then rest assured....they are over!

My spellings are atrocious! Infinite thanks in advance for reporting all such errors and typos. Balsree are u there?
* Mulliner Nights by PG Wodehouse.

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Malaysian warriors are back, no grub!

06 November, 2000
Pats and rvijay are back! Living in a sea side resort for the days of the conference, it can be safely stated that they had a great time. But alas no grub for us all! Not even a morsel of a chocolate or some other exotic malaysian delicacy. We expected better. There was little doubt ever about their presentation, and they assure this reporter that it was a breeze.
Slackness seems to have crept in the ranks at SIT!! Even at the peak hours of 2AM now a days not a soul can be found in the labs. Perhaps this is a new strain of the monday blues, lets call it diwali blues ;-) Things of course are going to pick up once the populace sees the stormy clouds of endsems and submissions hovering above the not so distant horizons.

Pictures of the trip would be here soon. Do check in again.

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