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News: November2003

Kiran associated with Computer Associates

11:00 PM, 13th November,2003.

The glitter of gold can never be hidden. Similarly, the talent in KReSIT can never go unnoticed. Kiran cracked big today. He secured a position among one of the top notch companies in IITB's placement this season. A confirmation mail reached us today stating selection of Kiran P. Diwakar in Computer Associates.

Computer associates is a leading worldwide provider of solutions and services for the management of IT infrastructure, business information and application development. Kiran will be a part of the team working in Hyderabad, developing cutting edge technological solutions for enterprise systems.

As one of the last placements in KReSIT is taking place, the time for grand party is approaching. We wish Kiran a hearty congratulations and wish him similar successes in life ahead.

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Confluence 2003: Where technology meets thoughts

11:00 PM, 10th November,2003.

ITA was back in full form this November. Confluence'2003 which is the flagship event of ITA, was organized on 9th,November. Confluence'2003 was a one day intensive workshop on datamining. The workshop was aimed at providing introduction to the fundamentals of Datamining. Topics like classification, clustering, web mining, bio-informatics, association rule mining, data-warehousing are covered. The workshop tried to give an extensive overview of the concepts,techniques,applications and tools in datamining. Datamining is one of the research strongholds of KReSIT. Worldwide reknowned researchers like Dr.Sunita Sarawagi and Dr. Bernard Menenzes are actively involved in core and applied research in datamining. Many dignitories like people from BPCL, BARC, PSPL and other reknowned placed attended the workshop. The event was a great success, which realized the aim of taking core research done in premier academic institutes like KReSIT to general masses and people in the industry. Such events are one of the most effective ways of building a health academicia-industry interaction.

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