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News: October2000

Vrigo returns from Minneapolis

00:30am, Saturday, 21 October, 2000 @ Mumbai Airport
Vrijendra finally returned from Minneapolis, early morning after attending the OOPSLA 2000 conference. Along with him, also came loads of chocolates...the treat began at 3:30am... the lucky and fortunate ones had them, rest of the junta might have to wait for the next trip :-( bad luck!
More on his experiences and feelings about the conference later... along with some great snaps!!

Pics of OOPSLA are here!
contributed by abhijit

Paper presented at OOPSLA 2000

2:30pm, Sunday, 15 October, 2000 @ Minneapolis
Vrijendra presented his paper on Jini at OOPSLA 2000 conference, being held at the Minneapolis Convention Center! The workshop (in which the paper was presented) saw the presence of greats like Jim Waldo (architect of Jini). His paper was received well by the the audience and was happy to have a very fruitful and absorbing discussion with the greats.
More news on his arrival (on 20th Oct).

contributed by abhijit

Mission Accomplished...

Thursday, 11 October, 2000
After 8 trips to passport office, 4 trips to the police station, and 2 to U.S. Embassy, Vrigo today got the green signal to fly to Minnepolis (USA) to present his paper on Jini at the ACM OOPSLA 2000 conference!
T he story would be incomplete without the mention of yesterday's drama... Vrigo was unfortunately denied the visa, apparently the visa officer at the embassy was not convinced that he would come back!! (well u never know !)...
So officially he could have reapplied only after 3 days (that's on monday), which would have been too late. But then who say's miracles dont happen? And they did today! when he was called for a re-interview today and was granted the coveted visa :-)
Thanx to Prof. Bernard for his valuable contacts without which the trip would have remained a dream...
So let's wish him good luck (Oops.. only if he gives a party !).. for his first visit (and that of any student at KReSIT) to the US.

Goodluck Vrigo :-)
that's what a visa can do to u!

contributed by abhijit

Dussera celeberations

Sunday, 08 October, 2000
Morning of the 06 October, 11:00 AM, dussera puja was held at the school premises. Since the other departments have their puja in the evenings, adjunct faculty members of the school could also attend. Garlands decorated labs, faculty wing and the classrooms. Even as i write there is an orange flower and some red and saffron tilak on the monitor. Feels kinda nice. And could we forget the festivities?? The puja was followed by a snack of chips, samosas and some great mithai.
And guess what the it-preneurs were doing on the dussera evening? Much has been written about the popularity of pizzas especially when devoured in the labs! Abhilash and praveen were the pizza boys for the day and junta had a great dinner. Later, Pradeep made some excellent coffee! Only goes to show why we need a camera in the school office. None of these above mentioned events could be captured pictorially. Steps should be taken in this regard. (This last sentence has filled me with a nameless fear! Am i sounding too much like those TOI or whatever editors?? haalllp!)
Whatever has happened to the T-Shirts? Are there going to be no IT T-Shirts this sem? Lets have some decent ones to at least lessen the effect of the eyesores (Dont stare at them :) going around this place.
Pics of the fizaa outing can be found here

WebTeam launches new school page

Thursday, 05 October, 2000, 01:20 HRS IST
Kudos to the WebTeam for beta launch of the new school web site.
Sunday, 08 October, 2000
Abhi has created a very professional looking site. Supported by sachin and amitp, this group is doing an excellent job. The project is ambitious, as the new site is going to have a lot of XML-ised data. This includes information about courses, students and faculty. Thus all this vital data would now be present in a common display format providing for a common look and feel. This is called the X-Effort.
Junta's active participation in this regard is requested. The bottom line being "jump to it if abhi ( the C-n-C :) tells you something". Launch of the site is targeted around diwali time. Shanty, shish and gayatri have been in the thick of things viz. defining DTD's, directory structures for resources (software, papers, links etc). Abhilash is creating a liby system. Srinath has handled all the admission related information (courses, admission procedure, FAQs) and the news page has never looked better.
Feedback: webteam, abhi, vrigo (thats for the news page, or if you feel like writing to me generally about the things in life :)

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