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News: October2003

KReSIT talent shines again

11:00 PM, 23rd October,2003.

BHEL selected Ranjeeth today for one of the most coveted places in this placement season.Ranjeeth was selected as a software engineer in the Information Technology division of this mechanical giant.

BHEL is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in the energy related/infrastructure sector today. The huge company has an extraordinarily huge information system running as its backbone. Ranjeeth will be a part of he team which will be leading the next generation of automations and information systems deployed in BHEL. He will be a part of an important team based in Hyderabad.

The joy of a colleague being placed in such a esteemed organization was not to be hidden. The evening was party time after which Ranjeeth left for his home to share the good news with his family. All of us congratulate Ranjeeth on this great feat !

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Activity for Confluence'2003 starts with great enthusiasm

11:00 PM, 16th October,2003.

Preparations for the flagship event of ITA, Confluence'2003 started with great bang tonight. ITA General Body Meeting was held in which many issues were discussed and plans were made. This ITA-GBM will follow a series of meetings and activities which will ultimately culminate into the realization of a (as usual) successful event.

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Infineon attains Nirvana

11:00 PM, 15th October,2003.

What is the ultimate triumph ? Its the world's best meeting the world's other best ! Today, we saw another incredible pairing; when the infinite talent of KReSIT united with the best of the bests in the semiconductor industries. Nirav was finally selected by Infineon Technologies. Nirav, who is well known for his expertise in semiconductor devices and systems, cracked the leading innovator in the international semiconductor industry.

Infineon designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of semiconductors and complete system solutions targeted at selected industries. Its products serve applications in the wireless and wireline communications, automotive, industrial, computer, security and chip card markets.
Nirav, on the other hand works with VLSI designing of chips to be used in the next generation wireless devices. Thus, the Nirav-Infineon combination is one of the best combinations seen in recent past.

As usual, KReSIT and H12 where Nirav dwells, was in an triumphant and jubiliant mood ! Nirav had serene-satiated looks on his ever glowing face. KReSIT congratulates Nirav for his victory.

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It was a long time since we "rock and rolled" ...

11:45 PM, 13th October,2003.

... so we all jumped and danced like crazy tonight - the H11/H12 dandiya night! It started off with nice garba formations with dandiya sticks swinging to the music. After an hour or so, it turned into "free form" dance and masti party! Almost all the students turned up and it was certainly a night to remember.

Check out some photographs. And some more.

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A "blue giant" succeeds to grab a KReSITian: IBM selects Sunil

11:00 PM, 7th October,2003.

The software giant today selected one of the most talented KReSITians, Sayyaparaju Sunil, to be an "IBM"er. Sunil, a man with an extensive experience with embedded systems and smart card systems, sailed comfortably through the rigorous process of screening. Sunil was selected for the Pune center of IBM.

IBM India Software Labs at Pune is involved in developing, enhancing and supporting key IBM products and technologies like Tivoli and "On Demand e-Business", with collaboration with other IBM labs across the globe.

KReSITians, always in search of occasions of enjoying themselves, got another chance to celebrate one more success of a fellow KReSITian. The KReSIT family congratulates Sunil for this feat !

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