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News: September2000

Motorola bags Srinath

Saturday, 30 September, 2000
Finally a company has been successful in luring the ever so choosy srinath into joining up. Motorola (the lucky one) is offering 3.79L + frills. This, after srinath had said in the interview "i'm afraid that i might find the work boring...or i might not join up". Very true too as we all know that the routine s'ware jobs are a real drag and that srinath aspires to do a PhD, and take up a research career. Must have given the motorola people something to think about! They did of course make the right decision. Srinath told this reporter that this was the second most interesting thing that had happened to him this week. The first being the presense of a , that was reclining rather snugly under the table in his room.
The XML workshop (sponsored by PSPL, Pune) was held today. Among the speakers were raghu and sailaja. (Hope i got your name correct sailaja). Both had been extremely busy all week preparing for the talk. While Sailaja explained an algebra for querying XML data, raghu touched upon index structures for XML queries. Check out this page for more details.
Aha, lightening strikes. I had almost forgotten ! Shanty did an amazing job with an almost impromptu presentaion too! It seems that the night-out of yesterdays was 3rd in a row for him. Aru was there along and the talk was on ChemML and something. Chalk up another red-letter day for SIT!
Suresh's tech-talk on thursday night was all about graph planarity algorithms. The conclusions after the talk were these:
  • A necessary and sufficient condition for a graph G to be planar is that G does not contain either of Kurowtoskis two graphs or a or any graph homeomorphoc to either of them.
  • math people are GOD (if this is the kind of stuff they study for 2 yrs) or else they are insane ;)
Since there was not much to do...i made a sort of a photo collection of all the news makers! But then they are all never in the same photo. So here goes
And then again, we must add for completeness that rahul did brush his teeth in the morning ;-)

mtech99 @copper chimney

Wednesday, 27,28 September, 2000
Chalk up another great treat in the annals of mtech99 History. The high point was the walk back to H8 at 1:00AM today! More elaborate story in a few hours. (after i am back from VT)
i'm back, i'm back, i'm back, i'm back, i'm back
It all began when we, the '99 people, who are now so addicted to these outings tried to coax shish to finance the next bash. Pats also was in our minds as this duo had to cough up a birthday party. Surprisingly shish agreed too readily and the treat was on! In the lab yesterday evening (27th) it was decided, as shish later put it in his invitation, By the common consensus of all (those in the lab), that the grub shall be had at the Copper Chimney, Saki naka. The time 8:00PM.
A sumptous meal resulted in a 5K ka jhatka for the belated-bday boys ;-) hey i dont remember wishing them or the bumps for that matter It was around 12:00AM when the happy lot emerged on to the Kurla-Andheri link road. BEST was the chosen as the mode of transport to IIT. It was then that the fun really started.
Vikram (or was it shantanu?) came up with this brilliant idea of walking back to IIT. Immediate (hope i got that spelling right) support was shown by abhi, rahul, pats, suresh and ... vijju(thats me :) The others got into a 337 and made it in the conventional way. They surely missed the grand finale though.
We were a party of party of 7 now. In the dark, cloudy night we set about along the road that rather resembled a serpent in its curves and bends. There was a hint of the stars and the moon behind the clouds that now were thinning away. And the tranquility all around, now and then broken by a rushing BEST bus was just great! Ever seen that stretch of the road all vacant? We could walk covering the entire breadth!! Boistrous as we were, relating anecdotes, singing songs, share-o-shayari and the howls of laughter...often a distressed face would peer out of a window or from under a bedsheet and promptly frown! The 32-buks-by-auto distance was covered in an hour and half! But then it never seemed so long.
Lets do it again guys.

Talk By Leena Chandran in IT Tech-talk series

Friday, 22 September, 2000
This week it was Leena talking about classical ATM, IP over ATM , and application of ATM concepts in Internet that is traditionally TCP/IP only. The talk was well-attended with most of the KReSIT junta present, and there was a demand for covering these topics in more detail. So the discussion went into details of ATM, etc., and it was decided to continue the talk next week at the same time, ie Friday 4.00pm. So junta, whoever has missed the talk last week, you haven't missed everything!
This week it was a deviation from the tradition as in the talk was held in day-time instead of standard post-dinner slot. A proposal came up to make this the standard practice so that non-hostellers can participate, and there was a general consensus to this. So there's a plan to shift the talks to 5-30 pm on Thursdays. Watch out for new announcements..
Another issue was whether to invite the faculty for the talks or not, as some faculty members have shown interest. It seems there're varied opinions about this, so do send your comments to preetam. contributed by preetam

Of new Uncles and Aunties

Friday, 08 September, 2000, 11:50pm
All Mtech99, Mtech2k and Ph.D.students of the School have today become Uncles and aunties. Mr Daddy is Vikram, our man from Jammu (blessed with a son). The happy news hit him (and us all) like lightning. No one had any idea except him of course. He was completely visibly dazed for 15 minutes. Then we all shared the great news with DBP, who was thrilled to the core too. Immediate celebrations in StaffC were in order of course :). The people present at this momentous occasion were Abhijit, Rahul, Srinath and Shantanu.
contributed by Shantanu

lots of good news

Friday, 15 September, 2000
That perhaps describes best the mood of this reporter who is now sporting a broad grin. (nothing to do with the fact that he is going home today...well almost nothing :-) What with the intel jobs, the spirit in the SIT junta has soared to new heights.
The populace in enthu has taken up some new pasture lands to roam about!! They are now
  • going out for movies
  • getting grub at chick joints downtown
  • doing a lot of jogging and stuff
  • generally letting the hair down as they put it ;-)
But this is being unfair to the reader. "What ho", one can imagine the discerning reader say...and toss the newspaper aside and take up the bright yellow tabloid! Lets start at the right end of the story, which happens to be at the very begining.
Care to saunter around to the Y-Point at the time of dusk and behold the budding IT-Preneurs puffing away the crossy route. Abhi (thats no news!) followed by suresh, pats, srinath, shantanu, rahul (and I did it too yeaterday :) are at it with a fervent zeal. (Those 2 words rather mean the same thing i guess). Keep it up guys!
Sailaja, Rahul and yours sincerely were treating the other day and gang had a whale of a time! Fizaa at gaity was followed by a dah-li-cious (slurrp!) dinner at a place called Punjab Something. There were concerns about the author being preoccupied at the time...but the author assures that the extenuating circs were not due to the voracious nature of the ones present.
Surely theres something that i have missed, but then it shall occur to me in due course of time and this crap shall be duly replaced.
Aha, lightening strikes. Its all about the Tech-Talks of yesterdays! Srinath is doing some great stuff in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and has designed this algorithm called kelpi. This enables...say... a disaster relief team to scatter in the affected area and still be connected as a network! Couple the great idea explained in srinaths inimitably humorous way with that no-nonsense attitude...everybody had something to learn from this lecture. Way to GO!

2 ITpreneurs crack intel

Tuesday, 12 September, 2000
Momentous occasion this for KReSIT as 2 more of its 99 batch have been placed! Venkat and Neeta were today placed into intel. The package is a stupeduous 4.85 Laks + Perks + Laptop + ISDN connection at home + ESOP + Stock Purchase option. Hence proved that one who laughs last, laughs the best. congratulations

epilouge to T2 - pizza party!

Monday, 11 September, 2000
Junta from the treck to Nakhind and other 2k and 99 punters had a whale of a time in the 2k labs! Hot and delicious as the pizzas were...they vanished in no time. All this resulted as the contributions for the T2 were Rs 550 in excess. A poll conducted showed the universal popularity of the pizzas (second only to tea) especially when devoured in the labs.
So much fun!!

OOPS they did it again!!

Monday, 11 September, 2000
Raghu and Sridhar Iyer now have their paper on "A Technique for Parallel Reachability Analysis of Java Programs" accepted for the CIT-2000 to be held at Bhubaneshwar!! This work was started by Raghu and Sri back in the Guwahati days and was the topic of Raghu's MTP. congratulations

yet another paper accepted!!

Tuesday, 5 September, 2000
Butterflies in vrigo's stomach got their leave as a mail last night informed him that his paper "User Interfaces for Jini Services" has been selected for presentation at "The Jini Pattern Language" workshop to be held at OOPSLA-2000! Well done vrigo old chap, you deserve a few good tea breaks ;-)
Today is Rahul's birthday too! Warmest wishes old sock! When, if we may ask, is the treat? contributed by abhijit

T2 - stairway to heaven

Saturday, 2 September, 2000
The 5:10 slow local to karjat rolled slowly into the KanjurMarg staion! It resembled a somnambulist doing the regular midnight walks. Fifteen enthu punters jumped into this train, suddenly adding life to the otherwise sleepy atmo inside. The second trek (T2) had begun. The fifteen freaks were on their way to Nakhind!! Nakhind (Nak = nose, Khind = hole) is a hole in the rocky wall at top of a 700m high ridge. It is a through-and-through opening.
Junta showed unprecedented enthu! Many had gone home for the Ganesha festival but returned on friday night. The team of fifteen consisted of
  • janaki, the leader
  • raghu, craved for a vada paav...(got it at around 6:10PM)
  • abhijit, the guy at the lost at the waterfall
  • suresh, the waterfall must have hurt?!
  • srinath, no cow threats this time!
  • shantanu, snapper no. 1
  • gayatri, snapper no. 2
  • vrigo, yours sincerely truely loves the mortal scares, they keep on getting better ;-)
  • pranav, makes a late entry in the list, how could I forget yaa...
  • vikram, enthu personified!
  • abhilash, risked a java assignment deadline
  • neeta, her first treck
  • amit, and his
  • rahul, -ditto-
  • sachin, -ditto- + ate his first vada-paav
A report that does justice to this magnificent treck can go to lengths. So going by the old saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words" this reporter would only add that he is gonna cherish the memories of nakhind forever! Do take a dekko at the photographs.
Gayatri snapped these photos Shantanu's photos
Oh by the way...there is an excellent path right up to the top of this ridge! So simple minded this path is that it takes you right up to the fuss of streams, waterfalls or plateaus in between! So we call this trek a stairway to heaven.

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