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News: September2002

IT Inside!!

8.00pm, 28th September 2002

Did the title ring a bell? Yes, that's Intel's punchline with a difference. But the way IT steamrolled the intel campus recruitment this year, that doesn't seem too far fetched. Alok(yet again after getting through PSPL), Deepanshu and Creena got selected in the intel campus from our department. Intel recruited 6 guys for their software and 5 for their hardware divisions, in all a total of eleven people.

So now, its ten down and four more to go. And with a few companies still in the pipeline, a hundred percent placement looks a distinct possibility for our department.

Big congrats to Alok, Deepanshu and Creena!!

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A Strand of Lotus

8.00pm, 15 September 2002

Adding to the list of guys successful in their campus campaign, Kamal put in every strand in his body to crack Strand Genomics. He was the only guy selected by the company. So, now its eight down and six more to go.

Congrats to Kamal :-)

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Deja Vu

8.00pm, 2nd September 2002

Each year is supposed to be different, isn't it ? But not for PSPL. Like last year, our guys dominated the PSPL recruitment program. Five of our guys, Alok, Abhishek, Manish, Abhinay and Satyajit cracked PSPL campus. PSPL recruited nine guys in all, two each from mtech CS and Non CS mtech apart from our guys.

After the campus was over by about 8.30 pm, it was party time. The boys had a gala dinner at the uptown, upbeat restaurant Rodas with some of the blokes really partying hard ;-).

So, now its seven down with seven more to go. This is a good performance by the guys considering the fact that PSPL was only the second company in which the guys were really interested in and that allowed us to appear apart from Veritas. Rest of the guys, get your act together and go for the forthcoming companies. Big congrats to the guys selected.

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