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News: September2003

A "huge" crack: Amreek cracks Hughes

11:00 PM, 27th September,2003.

Amreek Singh was today's winner. As expected, this little master made it to the networking gaint,Hughes. He was very confident and enthusiastic about the company even before the actual procedure started. The company selected Amreek after a series of a tough test and two really long interviews, one technical and one HR.

Hughes Software Systems is involved in developing cutting edge communication software technologies and software solutions for the next generation of networks.

KReSIT once again went in the party mode in the evening after one more talented guy from KReSIT got placed !!! Congratulations to Amreek and all the best for the future !

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Maymon cracks Aalayance

10:00 PM, 25th September,2003.

Today, it was Maymon who cracked !!! Aalayance selected him after a series of gruelling interviews and tests. Maymon was the fifteenth in KReSIT to be placed this season.

Aalayance Inc. is a global solutions company providing IT solutions, product development and outsourcing services. The company supports clients across diverse markets including telecommunications, healthcare, retail, energy/utilities, financial services, and software.

The atmosphere in KReSIT was worth watching after the results were announced. Everyone was in party mood on this joyful occasion !!

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Abhay and Ramu are the Intel heroes

10:00 PM, 22th September,2003.

KReSIT once again gave a spectacular performance when two of its talented students got placed in Intel. Abhay and Ramu added more feathers in KReSIT's cap when they cracked the world leader Intel. Their placements raised the placement count to fourteen.

Intel, a world leader in technology, selected Abhay and Ramu after a rigourous series of test and interviews. Both were selected for Intel's Bangalore facility. Abhay will be working in "Technology Developement Group" while Ramu be a part of the "Desktop Solutions Team." Both these sections of Intel-Bangalore are know for their innovation and quality of work environment.

KReSIT has no dearth of young talent. KReSITians have proved their strengths time and again. Abhay and Ramu have excelled in every walk of life and this time it was no different. All the best to Abhay and Ramu.

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Kapil and Sudeep crack S.T Mircoelectronics

10:00 PM, 15th September,2003.

It was S.T Microelectronic's turn this time. The tough guys cracked S.T Microelectronics today. Kapil and Sudeep got placed today with ST Microelectronics, India.

ST Microelectronics is located in Noida, near new Delhi. It is the Company's largest design facility outside Europe with investments of US$20 million in the state-of-the-art facilities. The focus of this design center is on IP Design, System on Chip Design, Microcontroller design, Full Product Design, complete FPGA solution, EDA tools & FPGA devices, Application software design, development and support.

KReSIT produces the best of the minds in the world, and the world prefers KReSITians for what they are ! Kapil and Sudeep have kept the tradition of KReSIT going on... a tradition to excel. All the best to these guys for the future.

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Oracle gets the best girls in campus

10:00 PM, 13th September,2003.

Oracle came for the top people; they took the top people ! Two more M.Tech from KReSIT were placed - this time in Oracle. Nandini and Shweta secured a placed today in one of the most coveted organizations of the world.

KReSIT girls today proved that they were no less than the the rest of the guys from IIT. Congratulations to the girls for their grand success with Oracle.

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DeShaw and PSPL recruit gems from KReSIT

10:00 PM, 12th September,2003.

KReSITians cracked one more oppurtunity when Praful, Imran and Vijay got placed on 11th Spetember,2003. Vijay became a part of the DeShaw group while Praful and Imran secured a position in PSPL.

Like every year, KReSITians did not let down PSPL who comes to IIT Bombay with the hope of recruiting the best. As expected, KReSIT gave them the best, Praful and Imran got through the recruitment process. DeShaw, which is one of the highest paying companies here, selected two IITians one of whom belonged to KReSIT.

The excitement in KReSIT could clearly be seen as the two companies proceeded with their procedures. Once the results were out, it was celebration time.

Congratulations to Imran, Praful and Vijay for their success.

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KReSIT five crack Veritas

11:00 PM, 2nd Setember,2003.

The placement season in IITB has began and KReSIT has registered its presence with a bang. Five KReSITians, Akhilesh, Ashish, Prashant, Prassana and V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran have been recruited by Veritas.

Veritas is the first company in this year's placement season for whom KReSITians appeared. The written test was scheduled on Monday night at 9 PM and since then you could see it all, drama, suspense, excitement. Next morning, the shortlisted candidates were announced. Ten people from KReSIT were there. Following this was a series of grueling interviews and eventually the final list was put up in the night at 9 PM. There was jubilation in the KReSIT M.Tech labs as the final five had made it.

Congratulations to you, guys and Best of luck to the remaining bunch for the coming season.

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