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Speaker Details

Dr. Lakshman Tamil

Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and is Director of UTD's Broadband Communications Laboratory.

Biography of speaker:

He founded Yotta Networks, Inc., a high-tech startup company that designed and marketed terabit-switching platforms. As CEO and CTO of a 100+ person strong company, he was responsible for product planning, fundraising, team building and company governance. Dr. Tamil has managed and directed research on advanced optical networks at Alcatel's Corporate Research Center and was recognized for his leadership in the initial design and planning of 'TIPOR', the first industrial demonstration of an all-optical IP router. He co-invented a type of wireless multi-channel multipoint distribution service (MMDS System)- a precursor to Wi-Max-that formed the core technology for Spike technology, Inc., a telecommunication startup that successfully developed and marketed MMDS turnkey systems. Dr. Tamil has been a consultant to the Naval Research Laboratories, Raytheon, Alcatel, Spike Technologies, Electrospace, McCool Smith, P. C., Baker Botts, L. L. P., in the areas of optical and wireless communication. Dr. Tamil has contributed to more than 100 research publications and directed more than ten doctoral dissertations.

Dr. Tamil's current research interest includes wireless sensor networks, nanophotonics and optical switching and routing.

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