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KReSIT Procedures

Procedures at KReSIT

We need to streamline KReSIT procedures and processes so that we can handle emergencies in a Routine manner , and not on emergency basis .
We need to understand the difference between

Urgent Work vs. Important Work

A task being Urgent does not always imply that the task is Important.
Urgent usually implies that the task was not started or followed-up on time.
Handling of one urgent task should not delay the start or follow-up of another (non-urgent but important) task.

School activities vs. an Individual crisis

Any individual whose activity is in a state of crisis, should be assisted.
However, an individuals crisis should not be allowed to interfere with other daily activities of the School.
Handling a crisis by deploying all or most of the available (human) resources, is NOT a good idea.

Not having any Hierarchy vs. Not having any Responsibility

Not having any hierarchy is good, and it helps to get the work done, but not having any
well-defined responsibilities, leads to unequal distribution of work.
Every activity (however small), should have a Coordinator who is responsible for ensuring timely completion of that activity.

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