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  1. About this document
  2. This document contains the procedures to be followed for various KReSIT activities.

    It is divided into 4 parts:

    1. This gives in brief the various procedures f or easy reference, and the timeline for the completion of each procedure.

    2. This gives the details of each procedure. This part is to be read carefully and followed by each person who takes up a task for the first time.

    3. This gives the activities to be started or followed up on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This includes the various activities for each of the procedures described earlier. This is a sort of reverse index on the procedures.

    4. This gives the templates of the forms that have to be filled up for any procedure.

  3. How to use this document
  4. This document can typically be used in the following ways:

    1. To determine the procedure and timeline to be followed for any given activity.

    2. To identify responsibilities for the execution of each procedure .

    3. To look-up the activities that have to be done during any given week or month, for timely follow-up.

    4. To create a daily to do list of activities to be followed-up.

    5. To conduct a competency test for new-comers . J

  5. How to add to or modify procedures in this document
  6. To add a procedure:

    1. Write the procedure in as much detail as possible. One of the earlier procedures may be taken as a template.

    2. Write the procedure in brief, for quick reference and overview.

    3. Write the timelines for the procedure in order to ensure appropriate and timely follow-up.

    4. Incorporate the timelines of the procedure into the activities (Part III), so that it becomes part of the regular routine.

    5. Design and incorporate whatever forms may be required for efficient execution of the procedure.

    6. 6. Note the author of the procedure and the date of incorporation of the procedure into this document.

    To modify a procedure already existing in this document:

    1. Modify the details. Give a reference to the minutes of the meeting that led to the decision to modify the procedure.

    2. Modify the brief description of the procedure.

    3. Modify the timeline.

    4. Cross check all the pages of the activities schedule to make sure that the timeline is consistent with the activities per day, week, or month.

    5. Modify the appropriate forms.

    6. Modify the index if required.

  7. 1.4.  History of this document
  8. The initial version of this document was begun sometime in 2000, when the school was slightly more than a year old.

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