Travelling Allowance Bill (official Visit)

Name To be filled in by Admn. Section.
Deptt/Section Sr. No. of TA Inward Register
Salary Code Date of receipt
Particulars of Journey and Halts kind of journey, i.e. by Rail (Mail or Passenger), Steamer, Air/Road/Trolley and Class of acmdtn. No. of fares Fare Amount Rs. Distance travelled by Road or by trolley for which mileage is Admissible
State node Conveyance used e.g. taxi, Auto rikshaw, Public Bus etc.
Number of days for which daily allowance is claimed Purpose of journey or halt Remarks
Departure Arrival
Station Date Hours Station Date Hours
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Railways, aeroplane or steamer fare (Col 10 ) Rs.

Road Mileage (i) at Rs. per km for (Col 11) Rs.

(ii) ar Rs per Km for Km

Bus fare (Col 10 ) Rs.

Days for which daily allowance is claimed

(i) at Rs. for days

(ii) at Rs. for days

Total amount Rs.

Less Deduction Advance Paid Vide Vr. No Rs.

Date :

Net Claim Rs.

Date :

Signature of Claiment

Passed for Rs.

Checked in Audit(Pre audited/post audited)

Accounts Officer

Admitted Rs.

Disallowed / Added Rs.



Sr. Auditor

Audit Officer

Forwared herewith T.A. Claim for necessary action

To : Accounts Section

Admn I (a)

  1. Certified that just one for road journeys shown in the bill are correct of the best of my knowledge and belief.
  2. Certified that I have travelled in a class of accommodation not lower than that for which fares were claimed in this bill and to which I entitled.
  3. Certified that the journeys were performed by the shortest and cheapest route.
  4. Certified that I did not perform the road journeys forwhich mileage allowance has been claimed at the higher rates prescribed in rule 46 of the S.Rules by taking a single seat in any by public conveyance (excluding a steamer) which plies regularly for hire between fixd points and charges fixed rates. I also certify that the journeys were not performed in any other vehicle without payment of its hire charges or incurring its running expenses.
  5. Cerified that return concessional Rly./Air ticket was / was not purchased.
  6. Certified that the journey was actually performed by Mail/Express train as stated in the bill
  7. An advance of Rs. was drawn by me for this purpose.
  8. The claim for journeys mentioned in this bil has not been preferred or nor paid from any other source.
  9. Certified that Sunday's & Holidays were actually and not merely constructively spent in the camp.
  10. Certified that I was / was not treated as aguest of a Goverment or an Institution and was / was not allowed free boarding and / or lodging at the expense of that Goverment or the Institution visited.
  11. Certified that I have / have not availed of free transport of this Institute or of any one else.

Signature of the Employee