FORM G.F.R. 27

Application form for an advance for the purchase of


1. Name of Applicant :
2. Applicant's designation and Department :
3. Salary Code No. :
4. District and Station :
5. Pay :
1. Substantive pay :
2. Officiating pay and Pay
    drawn in temporary post :
3. Specail/Personal Pay :
6. Anticipated price of Personal Computer :
7. Amount to advance required :
8. Date of superannuation or retirement or date of
    expiry of contract in case of a contract Officer :
9. Number of instalments in which the
     advance is desired to be repaid :
10. Whether advance for similar
      purpose was obtained previously and if so :
i. Date of drawal of the advance :
ii. The amount of advance and/or
    interest thereon still oytstanding if any :
iii. Whether car advance
    earlier, if so when :
11. Whether the intention is to
     purchase a new or an old Computer :
12. Whether the officer is on leave
     or is about to proceed on leave :
a. the date of commencement of leave :
b. the date of expiry of leave :
13.Are any negotiations or prelimiary
    enquiries being made so that delivery
    may be taken of the Computer within
    one month from the date of drawal
    of the advance :
14. a. Certified that the informationgiven above is complete and true.
    b. Certified that I have not taken delivery of the computer on account of which I apply for advance, that I shall complete negotiations for
     the purchase of, pay finally and take possession of the Computer before the expiry of one ,onth from the date of the advance, and that I
     shall insure it from the date of taking delivery of it.


Applicant's Signature