Available courses

NVLI Metadata Test - 2020

Two-Week ISTE STTP on Engineering Physics

Two-Week ISTE STTP on Effective Mentoring of Online Students in Signals and Systems -WEE210.1x

Two-Week ISTE STTP on Effective Mentoring of Online Students in Computer Programming - WCS101.1x

Two-Week ISTE STTP on Effective Mentoring of Online Students in Thermodynamics - WME209x

TWO - WEEK ISTE Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on Pedagogy for Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education

Half Day Coordinators Workshop on Pedagogy for Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education

Orientation Workshop on Implementation of Accounting Standards in Educational Institutes

Two Week ISTE Main Workshop on Computer Networking

Two Week ISTE Main Workshop on Computer Programming

ISTE Coordinators Workshop on Computer Networking

TWO-WEEK ISTE WORKSHOP on Engineering Mechanics

Massive Open Online Course

Ruyintan and Monica Mehta Aakash tablet Application Development Contest

Workshop on Establishment of Teacher-Training Hubs at NITTTR Bhopal

One Week ISTE Workshop for Coordinators On Engineering Mechanics

Half Day ISTE Workshop on Green Building Awareness

IITB-IEEE Aakash Challenge


TWO-WEEK ISTE WORKSHOP On Database Management Systems

ONE WEEK ISTE WORKSHOP For Coordinators On Database Management Systems

Aakash Android Application Programming Workshop for Students

2-DAY ISTE WORKSHOP On Research Methods In Educational Technology

2 Days ISTE Workshop on Aakash for Education

Orientation Workshop for Aakash Coordinators

MTP/BTech/Rn/Sem Projects 2012

ISTE Workshop for Coordinators on Computational Fluid Dynamics

DBP'S Innovation Workshop 

 MTP, DDP, BTP, RnD, Seminar and Projects-2012

2-WEEK ISTE Workshop on Solar Photovoltaics

Software Development Techniques for Engineers & Scientists(SDES)

2-WEEK ISTE WORKSHOP on Basic Electronics

2-WEEK ISTE WORKSHOP on Thermodynamics in Mechanical Engineering

ISTE Workshop for DataBase Management Systems

Effective Teaching/learning of Computer Programming June-2010

Interactive Lesson Builder

Joomdle Development

Peer Evaluation System for Moocs

Enhancement of JMeter

8051 Microcontroller Emulator

Online Physics Laboratory

Mathematics Playground

Graphical interpreter - Buddhuram Dumbo in action

Attachment for Aadhar Authentication on Aakash

Optimizing Moodle LMS for Improving User Response

All-Terrain Vehicle with GPS tracker and DAS

Visual Programming Editor Using Blockly

Clicker Android Native Application

Audio video class room interaction on Aakash

P2P Communication in Android

SLATE Application

Developers Portal and Enhancements to Aakash Tech Support Portal

Enhancements to ProxyMITY

MOOC Prototype Course

Video Conferencing Software Application on Aakash Tablet

Development of Quiz Module on Aakash Platform

Summer Internship-2012 Audio-Video Streaming Application with RED5

Summer Internship-2012 Porting of Scilab

Summer Internship-2012 Development on Aakash Platform

Summer Internship-2012 Porting of Clicker software on Android

Summer Internship-2012 Clicker Software

Summer Internship-2012 Migration from CC2511 to CC2530

Summer Intership-2012 Optimizing Zigbee Stack

Summer Internship-2012 Joomla Plug-In Development

Summer Internship-2012 Enhancements to EkShiksha portal

Summer Internship-2012 Virtual Chemistry Lab

Summer Internship-2012 Technology to present applets in Indian Languages

Summer Internship-2012 Colouring as Aid To Teaching

Summer Internship-2012 Porting of ProxyMITY

Summer Internship-2012 Multimedia Database

Summer Internship-2012 Project:-Multimedia Transcoder

Summer Internship 2017

Summer Internship 2016

Test Course-2

Spoken Tutorial Recruitment 2014