ChemCollective Virtual Lab Beginner 1 day workshop on 12 December 2020

Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching

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The ChemCollective Virtual Lab is a simulation of a chemistry lab. It is designed to help students perform laboratory chemistry experiments. The lab allows students to select from hundreds of standard reagents (aqueous) and manipulate them in a manner resembling a real lab.

ChemCollective Virtual Lab software works on Windows, Mac and Linux machines and is  available free of charge to all educators and students.

The FOSSEE (Free/Libre and Open Source Software for Education) project at IIT Bombay ( has been promoting FLOSS, such as Scilab, Python, OpenFOAM, eSim, Osdag, OpenModelica, R, Drupal and Linux, and open source hardware, such as Arduino and OpenPLC. The FOSSEE Project is funded by NMEICT, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.

Methodology of the Workshop

Interested participants have to register online and pay the registration fee. The registration form will be available until 10 December 2020.

The ChemCollective Virtual Lab workshop will comprise of practising relevant pre-recorded Spoken Tutorial videos with side-by-side learning, and problem solving. There will be online live sessions and demonstrations by experts. Help will be available from experts and Teaching Assistants.

Course content

The following topics will be covered in  the ChemCollective Virtual Lab workshop. Depending on the level of the participant, one can learn any/all of the topics mentioned below. If one cannot complete all the topics, one can complete them later on through self-learning, as all required Spoken Tutorials are freely available.

  1. Preparation of Standard Solutions
  1. Dilutions and pH Measurements
  1. Density of Solids and Liquids
  1. Effect of Temperature and Solubility
  1. Acid-Base Titrations
  1. Buffer Solutions

Teaching Faculty

  • Prof. Kannan M Moudgalya, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay
  • FOSSEE and Spoken Tutorial Teams, IIT Bombay

Who Should Attend

The ChemCollective Virtual Lab Beginner workshop will be useful for:

  • School teachers and Junior college teachers (TGTs and PGTs)
  • Faculty in Science, Engineering and Polytechnic Colleges and Institutes, who teach chemistry courses for undergraduate first year
  • College Students (first year undergraduate students)
  • School students (classes 11 and  12)

Duration and Venue

The workshop will be conducted online on Saturday, 12 December 2020, from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM 

Criteria for Certification

Participation certificates will be provided to all participants after successful completion of the workshop in an electronic form.

Course Fee


Course Fee


₹ 450


₹ 950


₹ 1950

How to Apply

The application will be strictly online, and no other mode of application will be entertained. The link for online registration is

The last date of registration is 10 December 2020, 4:00 PM.


Not applicable


  • As the workshop is conducted online, it is mandatory to have a desktop/ laptop with an external mouse and a working internet connection with good bandwidth.  The laptop should be capable of running ChemCollective Virtual Labs software.

Technical Requirements:

  • It is mandatory to have ChemCollective Virtual Labs Version 2.1.0  installed in the system to attend the workshop. The installation sheet is available here.
  • Following operating systems can be used for installing ChemCollective Virtual Labs:
    • Windows:32/64-bit, Windows 7 or above
    • Linux: Ubuntu 16.04 or above 
    • Mac OS: 10.7 or newer

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