Workshop Details

Half Day ISTE Workshop on Green Building Awareness

This Workshop is conducted by Prof. Monika Jain & Prof. Jiten Prajapati & Prof. Jayant K Nayak & Prof. Swati Chokshi & Prof. Rangan Banerjee from August 24th, 2013 to August 24th, 2013


A team of students from IIT Bombay and Rachana Sansad`s Academy of Architecture (AoA) is participating in an international competition called the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014. The competition invites collegiate teams to design and build fully functional, attractive, affordable solar-powered houses. The team, named Team Shunya, is building a net zero energy house for the Indian middle class to address the housing and energy needs of the country`s growing urban population. In order to promulgate awareness about sustainable construction, NME-ICT has collaborated with Team Shunya to create a half day workshop on Green Building Design and Technology. The aim of the workshop is to give a broad overview to Engineering and Architecture students across the country about the various facets of sustainable buildings.

Lectures will be given by IIT Bombay and AoA faculty. The participants attend at a remote center close to their own college. The lecture transmission and live interaction takes place through distance mode using the AVIEW technology and the internet, at selected remote centers across the country. This initiative is part of the National Mission on Education through ICT, supported by MHRD. Faculty coordinators are appointed at each remote center, to handle the technology infrastructure and other operational logistics.

There will be a total of 6 lectures of 25 minutes each with two interactive sessions of 45 minutes each. During the workshop, the participants at the remote center will get an opportunity to interact with the organizers. All the lectures and tutorial sessions are recorded. The final edited audio-visual contents, along with other course material will be released under Open Source. These contents can be freely used later by all teachers and students. The aim of this workshop is to educate upto a 1000 people about Green Building Technology in close to 50 remote centers across India.

The participants will also be able to interact with the relevant lecturers through an online platform (moodle) for a week before the workshop. The organizers encourage participants to interact with the instructor of the topic of their interest to be able to fully appreciate the nuances of green building design and be prepared with precise questions during the interaction sessions.


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