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Two Week ISTE Main Workshop on Computer Programming

This Workshop is conducted by Prof. Deepak B. Phatak and Prof. Sridhar Iyer from May 20th, 2014 to June 21st, 2014


Over 5 years ago, we started conducting ISTE workshops for empowering teachers of engineering colleges. We first scaled up to engage 1,000 teachers at a time, in subject specific training workshops of two week duration. In 2013 we scaled this program further, to train up to 10,000 teachers at a time (T10KT), using 342 established remote centers across India. IIT Kharagpur is our partner Institution. Together, we have a mandate through a funded project from the National Mission on Education using ICT (NME-ICT) of MHRD, to train 1,50,000 teachers in 15 such workshops.

Since December 2009, we have conducted several two-week ISTE workshops on various engineering subjects. We have reached out to more than 65,000 teachers and helped them to enhance their teaching skills in these subjects. In order to run these workshops at selected remote centers, we invite expert faculty from various remote centers to a One Week Coordinators training workshop which is held in IIT Bombay, typically two months before the main workshop. These faculty members then act as Workshop Coordinators during the main training workshop to be conducted later for 10,000 teachers, during which, the Coordinators supervise the conduct of tutorials and Labs at their Centers. They liaise between the participants at their Remote Centers and IIT Bombay, from where the interactive lectures are transmitted live. All the lectures and tutorial sessions are recorded. The final edited audio-visual content, along with other course material, are to be released in Open Source. The content can be freely used later by all teachers, students and other learners.

IIT Bombay is launching Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to global learners from July 2014, in partnership with edX. To help enhance the quality of engineering education multi-fold in India, IIT Bombay plans to offer a blended MOOCs model to students of Engineering Colleges in India. A paper on the proposed model is available at

To train teachers for adopting the use of MOOCs in general, and to empower them to use the blended model in particular, it has been decided to run some of the T10KT workshops, partially using the MOOCs approach. The first workshop on these lines will be conducted for the subject Computer Programming.This will be a Two week workshop, and will be conducted for over 10,000 teachers.


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