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Autonomic Computing Group

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Headed by : Prof. Umesh Bellur

With the widespread use of distributed computing in the enterprise, there have been significant advances in development paradigms for these applications. Server side component models have considerably simplified development and the complexity has now shifted to the operational side of these applications. The increase in operational complexity has reached a point where it is no longer feasible for humans to manage the applications required to run an enterprise. The initial steps to provide self managing applications are now being taken - a paradigm known as "autonomic computing" is in its infancy of evolution. There have been numerous proposed models of how one achieves self management. In this project, we seek to evolve ways and means of managing complex distributed applications and their execution environments automatically without human intervention. To this end, we have started the LAMDA project here at IITB. LAMDA stands for Lights-out Automated Management of Distributed Applications.

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