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DataBase Group


Sr. No. Topic Author Abstract
1 Information Extraction Santosh Dwivedi Here
2 Visual Layout Driven Information Extraction from Websites Amit Jaiswal Here
3 Information Extraction using a Database Imran Mansuri Here
4 Deduplication and Soft matching Nagesh P.C. Here
5 Entity Recognition on the Web Charu Tiwari Here


Sr. No. Topic Author Abstract
1 Learning Paths for Information Extraction V. G. Vinod Vydiswaran Here
2 Active Learning and Semi-supervised learning Abhay Suresh Harpale -
3 Automatic Extraction of Structured Properties of Linked Objects on Web Pages Prasanna H. Kulkarni -
4 Content Cognizant data dissemination Shweta Agarwal Here
5 Computational Geometry in Drug Design Nandini Sheshadri -
6 Protein prediction Amreek S. Labana Here
7 Application of Geometric invariants in finding structural properties in biological molecules Kapil M. Bhudia Here
8 Secure Update Semantics in XML databases (Area) Ramanujam H. S. -


Sr. No. Topic Author Abstract
1 Data Mining as an Internet Service Shantanu -
2 Intelligent, interactive investigation of OLAP data cubes Gayatri -
3 A system for matching product specifications to the products Shailu -

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