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Smart E-Business research group


Sr. No. Topic Author Abstract
1 Use of enterprise application integration in ASP based SCM Mandhar Deodhar Here
2 Use of pre-processing and post-processing in improving forecast accuracy Pankaj E. Gulhane -
3 Implementation of an intelligent portfolio management system. Deven Puri -
4 Forecasting using genetic algorithms Kunduru Timma Reddy Here
5 Time series forecasting using Neural Networks: An experimental approach Kalam Shah Here
6 Database security in ASP based E-business Ashish Singh -
7 Heuristics for split-delivery vehicle routing problem with time windows Mohan Mullapudi -


Sr. No. Topic Author Abstract
1 Java Card vision Amitabh Mehta -
2 B2B Commerce: Issues, Solutions and Implementation Vijay T. Raisinghani -
3 Server Side issues in E-Commerce Neeta Pathrabe -

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