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Projects in ADA Lab


The Aircraft Systems Maintenance Simulator (ASMS) Project was started at ADA Lab,IIT Bombay with the purpose of providing indigenous R&D to the development of Pilot Training, Simulation and Maintenance software to Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Bangalore for the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA).

The software development of the simulator was started off on 386 machines. The hardware has been upgraded to the latest, has a triple-display system and includes touch-sensitive screens.

Its functions include a verbo-visual simulator, tutoring simulator, cockpit procedure trainer, cause and effect simulator, maintenance support device and i-manual browser. The main advantage is that it has a common information data source shared by all simulators through electronic data interchange. Being domain-free, it can be used in any kind of aircrafts, ships or complex engineering systems.

Aircraft System Maintenance Simulator (ASMS)” is an ergonomic interactive training simulator for complex engineering applications. It is a multimedia supported authoring tool and works as an Interactive Triple Display Training Simulator, which creates a virtual training environment for the engineers and technicians.

It provides on job training by providing interactive graphical interface for non-computer literate users.It provides tutoring lessons of working of aircraft parts to the user.It gives interactive self study sessions to the user.

Frame Aspec

Frame Aspec is highly sophisticated vector graphic animation specifying software. It is used for presenting the functioning of complex engineering systems and parts. It is being used as a support tool for generating visual representation resources for the ASMS software.

Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC)

The Illustrated parts catalog supplies the information about different components in the aircraft and the way to access them. Different resources are used for visual representation or verbal description of the components, sub-components, their functioning and role in different systems.

This software uses an integrated database of the different type of resources to describe the components, various details of the aircraft systems, technical and physical details of the components, their sub-components and their status of availability.

IPC Specifier is used to maintain information about different parts of the LCA which is in various formats such as text, jpeg, audio, VRML and animation. It is integrated with ASMS so that the trainee will get a better understanding of specific parts.

IPC Presenter is used to integrate this information in simulator.

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