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Projects in Affordable Solutions Lab

Net Appliance

Document Management System for easy retrieval of relevant documents. The project aims at automating the work flow generally carried out in an organization. The organization currently under consideration is LIC. The proposed system will allow scanning, storage & management of the application forms . The images are stored in a well-arranged file system & linked to the database so that its retrieval and checking is made easy. The System makes use of a low cost RAID storage box. It checks the system I/O performance for different OS. Embedded Linux, Application server, Database server, Backup software are stored in IDE flash.
Project Members : Sachin Varadkar, Rajesh Kushalkar, Pradeep Phatak, Rossel Banji, KrishnaKumar, Ganesh G

Work flow Management System

A conceptual framework of workflow is proposed, in which a workflow is considered interplay of policy, process and practice. This process adheres to certain policies and employs certain practices. The level of applicability of the policies and practices essentially determines the scope of the workflow. That is, a workflow may satisfy a given purpose for an office, several offices within an organization, the entire organization, or several collaborating organizations. A process can in turn consist of one or more sub processes, each sub process is assigned to a responsible actor who is at a certain location and has a certain authority. The location attribute raises the need for routing a work item, and the authority attribute assigns the responsible actor a role to the work item. In this context, a worker's role along with associated responsibility and authority is important, but not the worker's position in the organizational hierarchy. As appropriate, a sub process can be delegated further to lower echelon. This characteristic of recursion is key to representing an organization hierarchy of any depth.
Key Features:
  • The system gives users the facility to define workflows and allocate tasks to employees.
  • Users can send intimations as a part of the workflow management.
  • The system keeps record of the pending and incomplete jobs of each employee and displays their pending tasks lists.
  • The system allows users to record outward & inward activity details and view them when required.
Project Members: Kalpana Pahwa, Shoba Raman

Distributed Garbage Collector for Kaffe JVM

Problem Identification: Kaffe JVM is a open source software & widely used. We are currently trying to replace the current GC(Garbage Collector) of the kaffe JVM which is not distributed. That GC will be implemented as distributed GC.
Current Status: Initially we started with the basic concepts of the JVM & architecture of the kaffe JVM. We are currently reading out & trying to understand the code of kaffe JVM & specially its GC. We have also tried to implement some important functions of the GC on our own & we have successfully done it. Currently there is very few documentation of the GC. We have documented some data for the heap structure of the GC.
Project Members: Amit Chakote, Vivek Chaure, Pallavi Joshi, Amol pawar

Device Drivers

We are working on drivers for various devices on linux platform. Devices that are currently selected are:
  • Printer
  • LCD
  • Smart Card
Project Members: Sachin Varadkar, Pramith Gandhi, Amit Bhagat

Survey of audio CODECs on Linux platform.

The goal of the project is the study of audio codecs on linux and implemention of the APIs of the device drivers (OSS and ALSA) to playback and capture the audio input.The audio codecs of linux and window operating system surveyed under the project are FLAC, speex, ogg vorbis, iLBC and G.7xx. The major application of these codec is VoIP. Project Member: Asha Varma

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