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Projects in Intel Lab

Some of the major projects carried out in the lab are as mentioned below.

Red Hat Scholarships portal

This work is being carried out for Lord of the Code Red Hat Scholarships -- The Open Source Challenge, conducted jointly with the Red Hat India . The main purpose of this project is to develop an interface where the students (who register for the project) can login, post their messages to system administrator, upload their bona-fide certificates, project proposals etc. Currently, development of interfaces for the experts to register is being carried out. The technologies that are being used are JSP and PostgreSQL at the back end.

Guided By: Prof D. B Phatak, Mrs. C Vijayalakshmi
Team Members: Dipu Kumar M, Srilal R, Simmy Varghese

GATE 2005

The project is being developed for GATE IIT Bombay, for handling the online registrations for students planning to appear for GATE 2005. This project is being developed using JSP and PostgreSQL. The project is to handle registrations, exam fee payment (in collaboration with State Bank of India) and other general administration.

Guided By: Prof D. B Phatak, Mrs. C Vijayalakshmi
Team Members: Jijesh Kumar T C V, Ajith Kumar, Vinitha B Nair, Srilal R

Telemedicine System

One of the fundamental objective of this Telemedicine system is to compress and transmit the images based on their content without loss of diagnostic information for second opinion confirmation/diagnosis and storage of diagnostic records. This is a store and forward system where the medical diagnostic information of a patient is stored in a centralized database residing in a super specialty hospital. Doctors situated in different geographical areas are using this information. The project is being developed using JSP and PostgreSQL.

Guided By: Prof Kavi Arya, Mrs. C Vijayalakshmi, Prof Umesh Bellur
Team Members: Chandra Sekhar E S, Ratish C Shekar, Simmy Varghese, Sreejesh Rajan, Vinitha B Nair, Selen Mohan, Roshin Liza Thomas, Manisha Shahi.

Forecasting at Retail Sales Node

The area on which we are concentrating is the Time Series Modeling and various Forecasting Techniques (ARIMA, Holt-Winter Method etc) using SAS and C. By using various forecasting algorithms, we are looking tighter and more accurate demand forecast at retail sales node.

Guided By: Prof Bernard Menezes
Team Members: Vidya P, Veena P, Lalit Kandelwal.

Device Drivers

There is an ongoing project in KRESIT Smart Card Lab regarding smart card readers. We are supposed to build a device driver for a smart card reader developed in KRESIT.
Initially, we learnt all about LKM (loadable kernel modules) then we went through a generic character device (standard code). We will also be going through codes (standard available) for a serial device.

Guided by: Prof D B Phatak, Mrs. Sheela
Team Members: Abhishek Gupta, Swayamsiddha Bapat, and Alok Parlikar

TINI Project

I worked on TINI- Tiny Internet Interface, it’s basically a micro controller based Java computer, i.e. a micro controller kit that works on Java programming, and also supports Unix. WE can also telnet to the TINI board. Its a platform developed by Dallas Semiconductor to provide system designers and software developers with a simple, flexible and cost effective means to design a wide variety of hardware devices able to connect directly to corporate and home networks.
Being a micro controller based kit all applications using a micro controller can be established. It actually gives a network voice to all hardware designs making it simpler, flexible and fast.
Now TINI is a new thing, known to few people so I had to set it all up, I prepared its documentation and made arrangements to build up an application-Robotic Web cam on the TINI Board.

Guided By: Prof Kavi Arya, Mrs. Rajul
Team Members: Swayamsiddha Bapat

Event Management Project

The web based software eve-MAN is a utility for event management. Various institutes, or departments of an institute organize many events, wherein people come and register for the same. The software aims at providing a helping hand for this exact cause.
The eve-MAN project would help an organization, or its department maintains information about their workshops and other events, online. Visitors to this site would be able to view the different events being organized by the organization, and would be able to register for the same. Optionally, they can also request for accommodation facility.
The administration interface of the site can view all the registrations and also send emails to all or some of them, directly from a form on the site. Apart from the event management, eve-MAN can also be used to maintain the web site of the department itself. This is a customizable event management system.

Guided By: Mrs. C VijayaLakshmi
Team Member: Alok Parlikar

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