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Development of an API for using SMS as transport layer.

Mobile Computing


Traditionally, if you want to deploy any of your own mobile applications on any network, you need suppport from your service provider. Your service provider deploys your application over his gateway for you and he charges significant amount of money from you. In short you cannot deploy anything without his support. For small enterprenuers, it is not possible to pay that big amount to the service provider. So in order to decrease the cost, we intend to develop a new transport mechanism (API to it) which can transport data from app server to mobile devices (we call them mobile app servers). We intend to use SMSs for this transport mechanism. Again, we do not want to establish a dedicated SMS gateway at our place as it is also very costly. So we will use a server setup that consists of a computer interfaced with a mobile device. This computer is a high end machine that does all the processing necessary and then it breaks the data to be sent to mobile clients into a series of SMS. Then it passes these SMSs to the mobile interfaced with it. That mobile phone simply send these SMSs to the desired recipient. At the recipient, The original data is again constructed by assembling SMSs and then it is passed to the applicatin sitting over this layer. In this manner, the client application will talk to server. We will use J2ME on the clients for this purpose. Our proposed layer will sit over the kvm(virtual machine) and the application will sit over this layer and it will talk to this layer. Chiefly we will be working with J2ME, J2SE and nokias SDK. ( Basic java knowledge is necessary with good aptitude in preparing application designs) .Nokias SDK is available from nokia website. A significant amount of research is also required for this project. This can be even developed in a Clustered mobile server depending on the no. of clients. In project, apart from developing the API, we will be developing a Email application on these APIs ( To show that this thing works!).

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