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Voice message transfer using Personalised Repository based Speech-Coding techniques

Speech Coding


The project involves building a system for exchanging voice messages over mail, using very high speech compression. The sender will record his voice message and transform it into the coded, compressed file using the encoder module. The coded file is transferred as an email attachment. The receiver passes the attached file through the decoder module which reproduces the original speech. Both the encoder and decoder will use a repository of speech segments. This repository will be pretty large in size and may need to be transported by CDs etc. The entire system (encoder, decoder and repository generator) needs to be prepared and coded for Linux (and Windows?) Requirements:The project should deliver a easy-to-use package (it may be set of command-line tools) which will enable the proposed exchange of voice messages. The encoder tool should just take a sound file (maybe in te WAV format) and convert it into a compressed binary file. The decoder tool does the opposite job. The repository-generator tool works on a large sample of speech to generate the corpus. Things which are definetely *not* part of the project implementation: Speech recording software, Email software, Sound reproduction software (The project should be independent of all these.)

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