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Development of Orchestration Server based on BPEL4WS standard (tentatively named as "ORCSERV").



Purpose of the project: To develop a standard-based open-source workflow engine to execute business processes that include human participants and either SOAP-flavored or REST-flavored web services. Such workflow enginer will separate the business logic from workflow and can provide an aid to business analysts to define business processes without any support from software engineers. A BPEL4WS standard is chosen for the tool to support as this standed is promoted by industry leaders and hence might become a de-facto standard for workflow applications. Requirements: ORCSERV should have following three components: 1. BPEL Designer: This will provide the GUI for business analyst to design a process flow and will save the work as an XML file conforming to BPEL specification. 2. BPEL Engine: This will run the business process as specified in the XML file generated by BPEL Designer. This will run using J2EE Application Server such as JBoss. 3. Web-based Admin Console: This can be used by System Administrators to check on the status of process execution etc. An open source project which has similar purpose is twister ( This project is in planning stage and perhaps will take a longer time to complete. Our development efforts can build on what they have done or can supplement their work. Methodology: An Extreme Programming methodology can be used and the tool can be built in an incremental fashion.

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