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Students' Projects

Mobile agents in E-commerc

Rahul Jha


In the past few year mobile agent paradigm has received a great deal of attention. While MAs have generated considerable excitement in the research community, they have not translated into a significant number of real-world applications. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of work that quantitatively evaluates the effectiveness of mobile agents versus traditional approaches. This project contributes towards such an evaluation and implements an e-commerce application using mobile agents. We classify the existing mobile agent applications in the domain of e-commerce and identify patterns of mobility that underlay these applications. Mobility patterns underlying e-commerce based applications in turns determine several implementation strategies using the traditional client-server and the mobile agent paradigms. The project quantitatively evaluates various implementation strategies and identify various application parameters that influence application performance. We further present qualitative and quantitative comparison across different mobile agent framework for e-commerce applications. A complete B2C e-commerce application using mobile agent and messaging is implemented.

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